Is this simply a matter of have proper foot wear or something that just happens to certain people somewhere along the line?

Last year I started getting this ache in the arch of my right foot which developed in to a bit of numbness between my big town and the toe next to it. Doctor took x-rays and said it wasn't a back injury. Pain followed in the arch of my foot. During a workout, I'd have no pain. The next day, I would have more than usual. Nothing that would need any kind of meds though. Doctor said it's just part of the game.

Then this week it looks like I've developed shin splints in my left leg (But not right). Doctor suggested better shoes and taping before hitting the gym.

I usually wear a pair of running shoes (Nike) and on occasion I've worn nothing. I recently picked up a pair of Vibram 5 toe shoes, they feel comfortable in and out of the gym.

So yeah, I'm not sure what to think really...just that I need proper PROPER lifting wear or if taping is what I should do from now on.