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Thread: How to wear a deadlift suit?

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    How to wear a deadlift suit?

    Up till a couple weeks ago I pulled in a very basic metal deadlifter suit that did not have adjustable straps. It was a pain to get into and even more pain pulling with. The legs on that suit came up very near my crotch and really put a hurt on my "Junk". So, I just bought a new MK Pro conventional suit and am now working with the straps adjustability. I have used it twice now and I have left the legs about midway on my thigh, much lower than what my other suit was. I don't feel like I'm getting as good of a pop off the floor with this suit. So it has me wondering if I need to continue to pull the legs up farther towards my crotch like the other suit is or if it will work better with the legs lower. Just googling deadlift suit images it appears most have the suits pulled up towards their crotch.
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    I use to pull in the same suit and if I remember correctly, I wore it high. I did try leaving a gap between the suit and my crotch, but it made it difficult to get down to the bar. I think it will come down to preference. If you have time, try doing both and seeing what works best for you.
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    I usually wear it up high so that the bottoms of the legs are high enough up to not accidentally get caught on the way up, which could open my hand up. More importantly though, is dialing in the straps. Just adding velcro changes the way a suit works. On a non-velcro suit the straps can stretch just like the rest of the suit. The velcro material itself is rigid and will not stretch, which changes how the suit will load up. Just something to think about. Either way, just crank the straps as tight as possible while still being able to get to the bar.
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