I haven't benched heavy in 10 months. I was going really great and even managed to get up to a 145kg bench even though I'm a shitty bencher.

Silly me decided to do a Sheiko CMS routine even though I wasn't ready for it.
Started to feel pain in my shoulder after a week. Then I was obviously overtrained so I did westside for 3 weeks already on a bad shoulder.

Anyway I've completely fucked up my Bursa and Supraspinatus. I let it go a few months but it didn't get any better. So I went to the doc who refered me for an ultrasound. It's then when I got my diagnosis. Inflamed Bursa and Supraspinatus tendon. There are no tears thank god.

The doctor had me have an ultrasound assisted Cortisone shot into the Bursa. It really halped but only lasted about 5 days.

So then he refered me to the physio. She put me on one of those electrical current machines and that really helped for that day. However she also told me to do a rotator cuff strengthening exercise for which she gave me the strongest band.

Been do the exercise for 2 weeks and my shoulder is MUCH worse now.

I know I can't have surgery because that'll only make it worse. So that leaves me out of options. I won't bother going to a chiro because my 2 experiences have convinced me it's an abolsute joke and fraud.

So what should I do guys? This is really making me sad because I was progressing so nicely and what's the point of working out if you can't train your upper body.

What should I do?