Yes I have an appointment with a physical therapist, but not for another week, and I am a competitive athlete. So I am hoping someone has had a similar experience so I can quickly diagnose my problem and get started right away.

I am 21, 5 foot 8, and weigh 185 lbs. Most people would consider me a "muscle-head"(320 lb bench), but I don't think that is the case on a forum like this, where I probably look like a squid. I usually lift 2-3 times a week, and based on my current workout I have basically plateaued.

I lifted last monday, however since I wasn't at my gym I had to use what was available to me, and had a different workout. No unusual pain or anything after that workout. I go to MY gym last wednesday and do my usual bike warmup, stretch, and start with the bench.

As I start increasing the weight from 225 to 235, I notice an odd feeling in my left arm, on the inside of the arm in between the bicep and tricep. It is a numbing, tingling, sore feeling. I ignore it, and continue lifting. Two more sets, and I realize I have a problem. I go rest for 10 min to see if it will go away, where it only gets worse. By now the lower half of my upper arm is engulfed in this numbing pain, which I can only describe as the feeling you get after you get hit really hard in the arm. I go home and ice.

Taking a break, I tried to lift today, but the feeling came back. At any time when the arm is not under load, it feels fine. After repetitive load on the arm, the pain slowly starts to creep back. Has anyone had any similar experiences? If not, would you maybe know anything about this injury? Please let me know if I need to provide any more information. Thanks.