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    Big Thigh Giant Set

    Well, thought I might post a thigh routine I have used in the past that will pump you like a zepplin, and make your thighs grow like weeds!

    This is a giant set which consists of 3 exercises to be performed consecutively with no rest. The 3 exercises are squats, leg extensions, and leg presses. I think I first read about this in a Ellington Darden book. Casey Viator used a version of it with some incredible weights. Here it is.

    Leg Press:
    2-3 warmup sets
    1 set to failure x 12

    Leg Extension:
    1 set to failure x 10

    Squat (to parallel):
    1 set to failure x 12

    So, first you warmup on the leg press. Next, load up the leg press with a weight you can handle for about 9 reps. Crank out the 9 reps and then lockout your knees at the top of the 9th rep. Pause for a few seconds and take some deep breaths. Bang out another 2 reps and the pause again (breathing deeply) just long enough to allow for a completion of 1 more rep. Immediately hobble to the leg extension and have a pre-set weight which will allow you about 10 reps. When you fail on these, perform a few partial reps extending your legs as far as possible with each rep. By now your legs should be on fire! No rest, hobble to the loaded up squat rack and perform 12 reps to failure, using a weight which will necessitate at least 2 pauses to get the 12. This resistance will have to be far less than you would normally use, probably somewhere in the 50% range (half of what you can normally get for 12). When you are done, rack the weight with the help of a spotter, yes definitely have a spotter on hand for this routine, and then lay down on the floor in a spread-eagle position for a few minutes.

    This will probably be the most intense set you will ever do in the gym, so 1 should do the trick. If you are truly masochistic, and have a superior constitution, you may do it one more time.

    Give this a try and let me know what you think.
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