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Thread: Relatively strong with tiny arms

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    Relatively strong with tiny arms

    Hello all,
    Just looking to get some guidance. I'm 6'6", ~230 and, although I have somewhat decent lifts, I'm burdened with stickly arms. Probably has a lot to do with my annoying height and if I was a normal-sized person it wouldn't be so bad. Below are my estimated 1RMs and my current program. I'm looking to get some input where I may add some additional arm work without hindering my presses and rows.

    Bench 1RM - ~240-270
    Squat 1RM - ~340-360
    DL 1RM - ~510
    SOHP 1RM - ~180

    Monday - OHP
    OHP - 5x5
    DB Press - 4x10
    Row variant - 5x10
    Shrug variant - 5x10
    Laterals - 2-3x10

    Wednesday - Squat
    Squat - 3x5
    Seated GM - 4x6
    SLDL - 8x3
    Wrist Roller/Farmer Walks & Abs

    Thursday - Bench
    Bench - 3x5
    DB Bench - 4x10
    Row variant - 5x10
    Shrug variant - 5x10
    Laterals - 2-3x10

    Saturday - DL
    DL - 1X3
    Squat (60%) - 5x8
    SLDL - 5x5
    Wrist Roller/Farmer Walks & Abs
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    With that split its simple. Add two bicep/two tricep exercises to the end ov your Monday (press) and Thursday (bench) days. Try a heavy tricep (seated DB extension.... deeeeeep! or skullcrushers or a true JM press) for 3-5 sets ov 8, and then a lighter one (cable press-downs) for 8-12 reps. Same with biceps... heavy (barbell or EZ curls) 3-5x8 reps, then lighter (cable or DB curls) for 3x8-12 reps. It makes for a longer session, but thats the price. Just make sure you do them AFTER your benching, as done before, or on a day too near to your bench day they'll hurt your bench/press workouts.

    You probably just have the same problem i do... really long arms. I'm 5'10" and my arms had to get bloody 19.5" before they looked right, or big. And i'm not a big gunz kinda guy. Even with 18.5" arms they just looked... well... smaller... and i could stand beside a guy with well developed 17" arms and they'd look about the same size. A bodybuilder i train with has arms the same size as mine right now... and side by side he dwarfs me, because his are 'normal' length. I'd much rather have longer arms than short... good for everything but benching, and really... who cares about benching compared to the other exercises? But to make 'em look good you gotta really blow 'em up. I've got a 6'4" friend with a 6'9" wingspan and 19" arms... and they dont look very big at all.
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    I don't see ANY direct arm work in your program at all.
    Bench day should consist of at least 2 tricep movements.
    Add biceps in to your deadlift day.

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    Get some CGBP/Dips and some Tri pulldowns in there
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    Check out Lou Ferrigno's article for tall bbers, it's on Deszo Ban blogsite.
    essentially you gotta eat like a horse, lift heavy ass compound lifts, forget the isolation curls for now, and rest, repeat till you bulk up your very long frame.
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    I could be wrong, but at 6'6 230, you're going to have skinny arms. Your frame can hold a lot more weight, start eating.
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    Cards hit it. You simply need more overall size.

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    As much as people like to talk about being able to add inches to your arms with some crazy routine, the two above posters are correct. You build muscle by gaining more overall size.
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    i think if you add some arms work out ity will work mate some bicep curls, or 21 i find them very efective, and some tricep like over head with the bar, they are very affective mate.

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    I agree with this, but if his goal is bigger arms, direct arm work along with more food couldn't hurt.
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    The strong arms is the best way to the go for exercise and gym daily and game to the daily and your arms are very strong and powerful and gain to the arms, i also go the gym daily and my arms are very gain and strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cards View Post
    I could be wrong, but at 6'6 230, you're going to have skinny arms. Your frame can hold a lot more weight, start eating.
    Well that depends on how lean he is. I am 6'5" 217 right now and my arms are over 17". I wouldn't call over 17" arms skinny for a natural trainee who isn't obese.

    I brought up my arms with a lot of heavy pressing, but what really made a huge difference were DB Incline seated curls. Any other curl variety did absolutely nothing for me and was all forearm.
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    There comes a time as a natural trainee where pushing the food like you did the first 1-2 years is going to do nothing but get you fat. I don't know how lean he is, but a natural trainee at his height can expect a realistic peak of 225-230 lbs at 10%.

    OP have you actually measured your arms? Are you sure they are skinny? Or do they just "look" skinny because you're so tall? Or are you carrying extra fat and can't see any definition so they appear "small"?

    Pics would help.

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    yeah at 6'5 youre gonna need relatively large arms for them to look big. im 5'7 with 17+ at 11% BF and i feel like mine are small lmao. but you should add direct arm work. I never saw a lot of growth in my arms until i started blasting the crap out of them
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    Eat and lift!
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    The way I saw the most growth in my biceps/triceps was by adding a day in my training week just for my arms. Also, can you go over what you eat in a day? So we can get a glimpse of what your diet looks like?

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