Hi all,
I've just started up on a Metabolic Diet today. Firstly, what does everyone think of this diet? Secondly, I'm confused about something: I read an article on WBB that said when on a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (metabolic diet) you should workout on the first two days after your two day carb load up period. But how does this make sense.....if I workout on Monday, my body will still be recovering on Tuesday and I will still be experiecing DOMS from the Monday workout when it's time for my Tuesday workout. What should i do? I want to continue my 3 day split, but I'm willing to do a 2 day split. I just want to know if it's alright to workout heavy on the first and third days after my carb load up period, as I would like to designate Tuesday as a recovery day. Will this work out alright?