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Thread: Starting the p90x routine tommorow - Some nutrition advice?

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    Starting the p90x routine tommorow - Some nutrition advice?

    Hi guys,

    Now - I know in general this is looked upon as a rubbish regime, especially at a bodybuilding website as it focuses more on weight loss as opposed to building up.

    However, after all - I still wished to do the p90x for the reasons as follows;

    I've put on around 10-15kg of fat in the past 1year due to bad eating habits etc.

    I'm an unhealthy 12stone6lbs..approx 175lbs. I feel unfit and I know I'm unfit..

    The questions I have are for people who hopefully have experience within doing p90x regime are basically on the nutrition

    I've been shopping today for proteins mainly and other healthy extras..I didn't want to go over board as I can see you could well spend a lot of money if your not careful and I don't have the funds to go to mental.

    The problem I'm having, is actually looking at all this food is wondering what the hell to do with it and best way of making stuff?lol.

    Because the foods are quite limited, it seems most snacks/meals will be quite bland at best and "meal" options are very limited.

    I'm on a 2600calorie target per day during phase 1 which lasts for 30days. As I'm sure most are aware, it targets a high protein intake for 30 days and low carbs. (700calories of protein per day and only 200 grams of carbs,, + 120calories of fat)

    As you can see, it's leave much room for selection as most meals include cards of some kind + fats, but because it's so limited...and only a small amount of carbs/fats are taken in a day am I missing something which could make a nice meal?

    Don't get me wrong, I love meat and can happily eat meats on their own..

    Here is my shopping list I got today,

    Shopping list:

    Protein Foods:

    Chicken Breast,
    Sirlion Steak,
    cottage cheese,
    skimmed milk,
    fish fillets,
    Chicken strips
    Turkey Ham


    Mix Vegtables,


    Mixed fruit + nuts,
    cottage cheese



    So basically, this is my food/diet..obviously because it's my first shop today, I've probably missed some stuff I could of got but my point is, what can I do with this?

    I don't mind bland foods as much, I just wonder If I can hack it for a month, as most days it's literally just going to be a piece of meat + some veg at best..other times just a snack here and there. So what other foods do you think I could incorpate but at a small cost? Again, I don't wish to spend a ton! I've already spent loads for everything and not even started yet.. lol.

    Last question:

    This is for people who have done the p90x programme...

    Because everything is chartered and you have "servings" of 7 proteins a day I need to have and 1 serving of fat per day I wonder what happens when inevitably you eat something and it has say for example, 50 grams of fat in a piece of meat..would you deduct this 50grams from your "fat in take" is is the 120 grams you need per day as a serving completely separate and we don't count the extras in different foods?

    Thanks in advance, I hope this makes sense and I look forward to a reply!
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    I would drop the pasta/noodles and skim milk if weight loss is your goal.

    You can pair brown rice, a sweet potato, or mixed vegetables with some sort of protein (fish/meat/chicken) for your standard meals. For snacks you may want to try a protein shake, greek yogurt (preferably fat free / lower sugar), or nuts (almonds).
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