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Thread: A lil help from the competitors

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    A lil help from the competitors

    What is the best method for hair removal? I have yet to see a BB on stage flexing their hairy chests. I usually shave but I hate the razor burn and I had a very painful experience with Epilstop.

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    A couple guys I know that aspire to be competitors (not there yet, but they are damn buff) get waxed.

    Apparently, it hurts, but it hurts less each time and eventually the hair becomes finer and lighter...

    If you just want something temporary (i.e. for a show/weekend), I've had very positive experiences with Neet/Nair. You'll want to use it probably 2 days before the show to give your skin time to recover a bit (I don't know how these products compare to Epilstop...)


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    Cal, is correct in telling you to wax or to nair it. The best and painless experience.
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