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Thread: question on form when doin squats

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    question on form when doin squats

    Squats (narrow stance, deep):

    I read this while I was lookin through Chris Mason's journal. I was wondering what would be the best stance while doin squats, I always thought to go relatively wide, and that's what most people preach. So, what does the narrow approach do different then wide, if anything?

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    The narrow stance involves less hams and glutes and more quads. I usually go about shoulder width. I suppose it just depends on your preference.

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    I like wide stance, it allows for better balance, maybe just for me cuz I'm tall, but it's just what I prefer.
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    I like a rather wide stance, feet facing forward, going down to around parallel. I feel this throughout my quads, hamstrings, and glutes.


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    Depends on a host of factors, and your goals.

    A closer stance will take your hips out of it (make it more of a quad lift). It also requires more flexibility.

    In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter much. Chris is at a pretty high level of development, what he's doing may or may not be appropriate for you. (and at his level of development, some of these small things like squat stance DO matter to him)

    My advice to most (assuming you are a beginner to intermediate lifter), is squat how you are comfortable, how you are strongest, and how you get the most ROM.
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