I typically buy these chicken breasts and bake them in the oven:


I base my meals off of the "cooked" stats you will see on the page. Basically from uncooked to cooked the 4 oz stats become the 3 oz stats. So each oz of chicken is 40 calories.

This week I couldn't find them so I bought the local Publix brand:


These are 97/3 chicken breasts vs. the 99% fat free ones I typically buy. There was visible white fat on the chicken, although I didn't remove. I cooked them on the foreman grill.

The stats only show 4 oz, but no cooked stats. Can I assume its the same affect as the ones I usually use where 4 oz turns into 3 oz? So 43 calories per oz of chicken? Was I suppose to remove the visible fat? Is this included in the nutrition breakdown?

I know I may be nitpicking, but I'm leaning out to my final few pounds and want to make sure I'm counting right!

Thanks guys!