I've recently started back up at uni and have tried to change my life style to help achieve my weight lifting goals (Gaining Mass). I've been training on and off for a few years and went from about 59kg with no muscle, to 69kg with about 12% body fat. (this was 2 weeks ago)

For the last 6 months while at home, i was eating 3 big meals a day, with a post shake on workout days, and sort of neglected my diet a little on off days.

However, over the last 2 weeks ive been trying my best to fit in at least 6 meals a day. I've included a breakfast shake which has oats, whey, whole milk, just before i eat my 3 bacon and 3 eggs... A Pre & post shake, both with around 300cal each. other then that im making sure i eat about 500cal and 30-50g protein every few hours.

I know im eating more then before, about 700-1000cal more, but im eating smaller portions more frequently now.

After weighing myself after my workout today i was about 67kg. Ive lost about 3-4lbs.

I don't expect the scales to start going up straight away after 2 weeks, but to be loosing weight is quite annoying. I know i have a very fast metabolism and im thinking that by eating more frequently im boosting my metabolism to burn even more, and therefore im loosing weight. Is this logical??