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Thread: Routine question

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    Routine question

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to hear your thoughts on this routine
    as a newbie, my goal is to gain strength

    The routine is divided into A and B days which alternate , day off in between workouts

    Day 1 :

    Bench 5x5 ( first four sets I do as follows ( 50% of max, 60% ,65% , 75% and the fifth is maximum)
    Power Shrugs 5x5( same principle)
    push press ( same principle)
    body row ( same principle)
    inc dumbell fly ( 3x8)
    bicep curls 3x8
    skull crusher 3x8

    Deadlift (same principle)
    Squat (same principle)

    on each workout I try to add 5lb to each exercise
    any advices? or does it look ok?

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    Have you done 5x5 routines like bill starr's? Seems like an awful lot of volume on A day, and too much use of 5x5 with those lifts, then B day I wouldn't squat and deadlift the same day, at least not a regular back squat and a regular deadlift. I think this routine could be improved, or you could stick to something more standard then modify it, this one doesn't completely make sense to me. Personally I utilize a lot of 5x5, but my training rotates, it takes me over a month to get through my rotation in it's entirety. but there are similar days throughout, but that's more complicated than you even need to get right now.

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    Personally, i dont think thats a lot ov work, but i do think that with only 2 rest days between exercises you'll burn out pretty quick. I'd go day A, then Day B, then TWO days off, then repeat. Thats 3 rest days for each movement. Perfect (its actually how i train). And on the more hypertrophy-specific stuff like arms/rows/pecs i think you might be better served by doing 5 sets ov 8 reps, not 5. You do need to build some size to build strength, ultimately.

    I do a 5x5 adding 5lbs a session, but again, my 5x5 day is every 4 days, not every 3. It never ceases to amaze me just how far one can go on a program so simple.

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    I would recommend you do 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Hopper View Post
    I would recommend you do 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler.
    I agree. Do something that is established and proven to work. Once you master that and hit a wall then try to create something to your needs.
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