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Thread: What would my bench press 1 rep max be?

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    What would my bench press 1 rep max be?

    I've never maxed out before on the bench, never really seen a reason to do it. But I was wondering what it might be. Right now I'm benching 190 for 5 reps on my last set, any guesses as to what my 1 rep max would be?

    Thanks in advance.

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    220, maybe 225. Can't really tell unless you do it.
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    400-500 lbs

    alright, jk

    you could prolly pull off a 2-plater.
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    I would go with the two above. Possibly 225 or so. Some where in that range.
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    How about 135 for 8?

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    This will give you an idea of what it may be but the only way to be sure is to do it.

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    I'd say 215, but it's pointless to guess. Just do it if you want to know, it's the only way. Maxing out is highly mental and people often get psyched out when they see more weight than they're used to, so the "reps to max" calculation never translates correctly.

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    somtimes, you can actually do more because your bosy is better at very low reps as opposed to 5 reps or more. It really depends on a lot of things. Like I only did about 211 3 times, but for my max I did 250.
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    I have the ultimate formula for figuring out a 1 rep max.

    First, make sure you are fresh for a heavy lift. Go to the gym, and get over to wherever it is you are going to max. Have a spotter, unless it's a deadlift. Warm up properly. Take a weight you think is a little lower than your max and smoke it for 1 rep. Depending on how that felt, pick a weight for the next set you feel would be your max. Lift it. If it's good, try another, if it was all you had or too heavy either go lighter or call it a day.

    The only way to know how much you can lift is to lift it. Some people are better trained to lift heavy weghts for reps, while others are better at doing 1-3 reps.

    If you choose to max, Good Luck.
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