I have tried a lot of different warm-ups/warm up strategies over time. My desired outcomes from warming up are the following in order of priority:
1. Avoid/minimize injury
2. Improve mobility
3. Produce max strenght

A typical warm up for me currently is as follows:
10min walk, 1min run, hip-flexor stretch, 1-leg hip-thrust glute-bridges, shoulder dislocations

I then do warm up sets for squats (which I always do 1st) using ~30%5RM and then ~70%5RM

Please critique my warm up and provide advice...
I have already gotten some feedback on my 10min walk/1 min run. Some one stronger than I has been saying it is possible my walk/run are holding back my strenght by tiring out my muscles... I don't agree but, they have more experience than I do so....