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Thread: biceps/chest size

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    biceps/chest size

    at a body weight of 214 and 6 feet tall, is a 47" chest and 16 " bi's considered average?
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    look in the mirror and ask yourself if your happy with what you have. who cares about average. work towards what YOU want
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    Measurements out of contex without bodyfat percetage numbers or at least a waist measurement are useless.

    214 lbs., 47" chest, and 16" arms is one thing @ 20% BF, and a whole other thing @ 10% BF. Ya dig?

    Either way, I agree with Torrok's post above.

    Who wants to be average?!

    Wanna Be Average. LOL!

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    Exactly, who cares what's average? As long as you're happy with how you look. Me, I could use to trim off some bf%, but it's not a major goal right now. My arms aren't that big, but most people think they are, so who's to say?
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