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    hey guys i recently dislocated my shoulder and will be out of the gym for a while. people have been telling me that once you dilocate your shoulderit is very likely tohappen again, i just wanted to know if anybody has gone thru the same injury and if it is true that i will dislocate again.

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    that sucks man, im pretty sure your shoulder is more seceptable to future injury but sometimes a injury can make it even more stronger. like i injuried my rotator cuff with bench press and its taking for ever to recover, even if it does. also ive been in an accident which injuried my back but in the long run i swear it made my back rock solid (knock on wood).
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    I knew a guy that had that same injury, and he was benching around 300 at a bw of 180. He said sometimes it would pop out while he was lifting, but he was able to pop it out and in at will, so he'd just do that if he had a problem.

    It's ******* awesome to see someone pop their shoulder out like that though.
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    I had a mate in school who popped his playing rugby, and in the following year did it 3 times.

    Another bloke I know got thrashed in some whitewater in a kayak, popped his, and then when he got fixed up did it in the same place again!!!!

    My brother did a thesis on this for uni...... you wanna be very careful, and maybe even look at getting it pinned if it does happen again.

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    I have popped my shoulder ohh around 6 times now.

    the first one was the worst and since then periodically has been 1 each 4 months.

    but now I have got it good still hurts and jars sometimes but doing light weights and I mean starting from the start and doing it slowly it will build it up again that is what I'm doing and It's going well.

    while your not at the gym try some very low weights like 5 kgs even less if it hurts


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