This gym recently opened, they have everything that one might need to train for athletics, powerlifting, crossfit, strongman, or olympic lifting.

Right now they are running a promotion and it is only $3-4/session for packs of 10 or 20 (

Here is what they have:

- Large Rig (power racks, rings, etc.)
- Rogue Power Rack with band attachments and deadlift platform with band attachments
- Multiple Rogue Olympic Bars (good ones), Texas Power Bars, Texas Deadlift Bar, 2" Solid Axle Bar, etc.
- (2) Olympic Platforms
- Fixed bench and multiple flat benches that can be used in racks
- Set of dumbbells from 20 lbs to roughly 90 lbs
- Kettlebells from roughly 15 lbs to 70 lbs
- Atlas stones from 100 lbs to 200+ lbs
- Tires from 200 lbs to 650 lbs
- Hundreds of pounds of bumpers (all sizes) along with over 1,000 lbs of steel olympic plates.
- Yoke, Farmers Walk, Prowler Sleds, Sledgehammers, Slam Balls, Med Balls, boxes for box jumps, etc.
- Indoor 60'+ rubber matted run for strongman events and 60' turf for conditioning/sled work.