I just had a very interesting conversation with somebody from this forum. I will not say who, because it is not my place to do so, they can post and explain this transcript if they wish to.

It is not edited AT ALL. Ill let it explain itself.

Session Start (MSN - Titan:jack): Fri Jun 28 20:52:52 2002
[20:52:52] jack: Hey howcome you put me on your buddy list?
[20:54:04] Titan: you put me on yours
[20:54:09] Titan: you wanted pumping iron
[20:54:12] jack: i did
[20:54:14] jack: oh yea
[20:54:15] Titan: lol
[20:54:25] jack: So are you sending it?
[20:54:37] *** NOTE: Closing this window during an active file transfer will close the transfer.
[20:55:12] jack: how long will it take
[20:55:41] Titan: 3 hours 30 mins at this speed
[20:55:57] jack: Hey have you ever heard of Test-1
[20:56:11] Titan: is it a prohormone?
[20:56:16] jack: yeah
[20:56:24] jack: its a anabolic gel
[20:56:32] jack: have you taken it?
[20:56:41] Titan: im 16
[20:56:45] Titan: i do not think the gels work
[20:56:45] jack: oh
[20:56:49] jack: really
[20:56:52] Titan: yeo
[20:56:53] Titan: yep
[20:56:55] Titan: i would post on it
[20:56:58] jack: ive been using it
[20:57:02] Titan: but im like 99 percent sure they dont work
[20:57:28] jack: really i gained 5lbs this week and ive havent increased calories
[20:57:38] Titan: hm
[20:57:38] jack: this stuff works
[20:58:13] Titan: (Link: http://www.wannabebigforums.com/show...&highlight=gel)http://www.wannabebigforums.com/show...&highlight=gel
[20:58:17] jack: thanks for the pumping iron
[20:58:52] jack: ive got the stuff from Avant Labs it works
[20:58:56] jack: go to there website
[20:58:59] Titan: (Link: http://www.wannabebigforums.com/show...light=test+gel)http://www.wannabebigforums.com/show...light=test+gel
[21:00:48] jack: yeah i work outside and this stuff sweats off
[21:00:53] jack: i hate that
[21:01:22] jack: but i dont care i started my first real cycle monday
[21:03:01] Titan: you injecting?
[21:03:21] jack: yeah i did my first shot last monday
[21:03:28] jack: well i did two
[21:03:32] jack: both in my quads
[21:03:36] Titan: why you still doning trans dermal stuff if you are injecting?
[21:04:01] jack: and let me tell you they hurt like hell for three days
[21:04:20] jack: cause ive got some left over
[21:04:27] jack: and im not stacking the sust with anything
[21:04:35] jack: thought i would jumpstart my gains
[21:04:41] Titan: what do you weigh?
[21:04:50] jack: since sust doesnt kick in till a couple weeks
[21:05:02] jack: monday i wieghed 174 today i weigh 180
[21:05:19] jack: im 5'9
[21:05:39] jack: what are you stats bro?
[21:05:51] Titan: 168 6'1"
[21:06:07] jack: not bad
[21:06:12] jack: you need to gain alot though
[21:06:14] Titan: how long you been lifting?
[21:06:19] Titan: im 16
[21:06:20] jack: your pretty skinny
[21:06:23] jack: right
[21:06:27] jack: my friends your size
[21:06:42] jack: ive been lifting for 5 years
[21:07:01] Titan: whats your bf now?
[21:07:24] jack: not sure i have like a layer of fat
[21:07:41] Titan: why are you juicing then
[21:07:48] jack: well im not fat
[21:07:50] Titan: it doesnt seem as if you have gotten great results
[21:08:01] jack: what do you mean?
[21:08:08] Titan: shouldnt you make sure you know exactly how to train
[21:08:18] Titan: and get gains w/o juicing
[21:08:22] Titan: b4 you take the juice
[21:08:25] jack: hold on how do you know what results ive gotten
[21:08:31] Titan: because if you arent training correctly and jucing
[21:08:35] Titan: you still arent gonna get that big
[21:08:37] jack: dude i gained 20lbs last year
[21:08:42] Titan: you are 180 5'9"
[21:08:45] jack: yeah
[21:08:51] Titan: with a layer of fat
[21:08:56] jack: yeah
[21:08:59] Titan: im not dissing you or anything
[21:09:04] jack: thats cool
[21:09:22] Titan: its just that if i was gonna juice
[21:09:24] jack: ive gained very little fat and lots of muscle
[21:09:31] jack: i see whats your saying
[21:09:33] Titan: i wouldmake sure i knew exactly what i was doing
[21:09:43] jack: dude i know how to lift right
[21:09:45] Titan: just my opinion
[21:09:52] jack: where did you get the idea that i dont know how to lift
[21:10:09] jack: you should'nt make assumptions
[21:10:09] Titan: im not saying that
[21:10:12] jack: ok
[21:10:15] Titan: even
[21:10:19] Titan: 180
[21:10:29] Titan: with like 12 percent bodyfat is not that much
[21:10:30] jack: 180 is big for 5'9 dude
[21:10:42] Titan: i guess
[21:11:20] jack: i could get up to 200lbs real quick with this cycle?
[21:11:31] Titan: i am 16
[21:11:36] jack: and?
[21:11:37] Titan: not an expert on roids
[21:11:48] jack: yeah i figured
[21:11:54] Titan: which is exactly why i would know exactly what i was doing before i tried them
[21:12:01] Titan: how much have you reaserched
[21:12:03] jack: and i do
[21:12:18] jack: well ive been a member of wannabebig for months
[21:12:36] jack: and ive been chatting with guys on Anabolic Board for 2 months
[21:13:20] jack: and i researched what cycle would be good for starters
[21:13:36] jack: and ive talked to a bunch of mods about dosing
[21:14:16] Titan: ok
[21:14:20] jack: Today i talked with the creater of the AB website
[21:14:35] jack: and he thinks im doing a good cycle
[21:15:30] Titan: (Link: http://www.wannabebigforums.com/atta...&postid=195817)http://www.wannabebigforums.com/atta...&postid=195817
[21:15:35] Titan: thats 180
[21:15:38] Titan: at like 5'10"
[21:15:59] jack: thats pretty good
[21:16:11] Titan: well i dont know you
[21:16:17] Titan: so do whatever you want
[21:16:23] jack: what do you mean?
[21:16:26] Titan: you made a big gain natural right?
[21:16:27] jack: you dont know mean
[21:16:30] jack: yeah
[21:16:35] Titan: why juice then?
[21:16:49] jack: cause ive reached pretty much my genetic limit
[21:17:06] Titan: at 180?
[21:17:09] Titan: unlikely
[21:17:13] jack: yeah im short
[21:17:32] Titan: 5'9 aint short
[21:17:48] jack: i mean if i got to 200 without juice i would look fat
[21:18:06] jack: it would be mostly fat
[21:18:13] Titan: ok
[21:18:20] Titan: sorry for involving myself in your business
[21:18:42] jack: see the way ive been training ive been putting alot of size on my quads and i dont c lots of gains in my chest and arms
[21:18:47] jack: im not mad
[21:18:55] jack: just explaining
[21:19:16] jack: my back is huge and my shoulders are
[21:19:45] jack: but my chest is too small and ive tried increasing calories but i cant gain anymore wieght
[21:20:14] Titan: i jsut dont see how it can be impossible to gain lean mass at 180
[21:20:21] Titan: my friend is 5'3"
[21:20:23] Titan: 160
[21:20:26] Titan: and hes still gaining
[21:20:28] Titan: naturally
[21:20:43] jack: yeah well hes got good genetics
[21:20:53] jack: especially if hes 16
[21:20:53] Titan: dude
[21:21:07] Titan: i dont think youve reached you nat potential
[21:21:13] Titan: perhaps you just ahve hit a plateu
[21:21:18] Titan: try a different trainign approach
[21:21:35] jack: i dont know what else to do?
[21:21:44] Titan: how do you train now
[21:21:47] Titan: how old are you?
[21:22:08] jack: ive looked at Arnolds encyl. and ive been doing all his exercises for chest and arms
[21:22:13] jack: 20
[21:22:18] Titan: arnoldds book is bs
[21:22:26] jack: no its really good
[21:22:28] Titan: i have it
[21:22:29] Titan: its not
[21:22:30] jack: have you seen it
[21:22:35] jack: oh
[21:22:44] Titan: it does not apply to a lifter w/o his genetic gifts
[21:22:46] jack: well hes got allot of good movements in there
[21:22:51] Titan: or MASSIVE ammnts of roids
[21:22:51] Titan: yes
[21:22:55] Titan: movements are good
[21:23:00] Titan: but lifting style is cra
[21:23:04] Titan: how do you lift
[21:23:15] jack: what do yo mean
[21:23:27] Titan: how many sets per body part?
[21:23:29] jack: slowly
[21:23:30] Titan: do you do lower body?
[21:23:32] jack: 12
[21:23:54] jack: my legs are huge dont worry about lower body
[21:24:14] jack: i have like 30 inch quads
[21:24:38] Titan: do you work them though?
[21:24:41] jack: yes
[21:24:48] jack: i do squats and deads
[21:25:08] jack: and other movements
[21:25:18] jack: but my legs arent my concern
[21:25:22] jack: its my upper body lagging
[21:25:22] Titan: i know that
[21:25:32] jack: look i c what your getting at
[21:26:00] jack: i have to lift hard on all my parts to get my whole body massive
[21:26:13] jack: yes but you try buying pants
[21:26:48] jack: you there?
[21:27:55] Titan: back
[21:28:01] jack: k
[21:28:03] Titan: ok listen
[21:28:05] Titan: try HIT for alittle
[21:28:09] jack: no
[21:28:12] Titan: do like 2 sets per bodypart
[21:28:14] jack: thats dumb
[21:28:17] Titan: have you tried it?
[21:28:32] jack: i like to workout 3-4days a week
[21:28:43] jack: not a good return when im on juice
[21:29:08] Titan: right
[21:29:12] jack: i know what hit is
[21:29:15] Titan: but if you had tried it before you tried it
[21:29:20] Titan: *b4 you tried juice
[21:29:24] Titan: you would have gotten results
[21:29:27] jack: its a comb. of movements to get your whole body growing
[21:29:31] Titan: you cant do what anold says in his book
[21:29:36] Titan: that will not work
[21:30:01] *** alchen_72@hotmail.com (Podium Kreatin) has joined the conversation.
[21:30:10] Titan: and once one training style stops giving you gains, it doesnt not mean you reached maximum pottential it just means you need to switch it up
[21:30:21] Podium Kreatin: hey
[21:30:33] Titan: this is my 5'4" friend
[21:30:33] Podium Kreatin: sorry if my response is slow, my conection gets messedup at nite
[21:30:43] Podium Kreatin: psh, tell everyone!
[21:30:46] jack: yes actually thats the right way to lift. Let me tell you something. Im not intrested in putting muscle anywhere else except my chest and arms. Im not doing hit because i dont want my ass, legs, or back to get bigger
[21:30:49] Podium Kreatin:
[21:31:05] Podium Kreatin: jack, how long have u lifted?
[21:31:11] Titan: he says 5 years
[21:31:15] jack: yes
[21:31:16] Titan: but he put 20 lbs on in the last year
[21:31:23] jack: i change my routine dude
[21:31:30] Podium Kreatin: what types of routines have u done
[21:31:44] Titan: jack you were 160 for the previous 4 years?
[21:31:55] jack: well lets c
[21:32:04] jack: yes
[21:32:09] jack: well no
[21:32:25] jack: 140-145-155-160
[21:32:27] jack: and up
[21:32:35] jack: you know each year i gained about 5 to 10
[21:32:47] jack: through highschool
[21:32:50] jack: i lifted
[21:33:00] Podium Kreatin: what tyepsof routines have u done?
[21:33:20] jack: for which bodypart?
[21:33:43] Podium Kreatin: i mean, like, maxot, GVT, 21's etc
[21:33:50] Podium Kreatin: long term routines
[21:34:13] jack: well i dont really follow i strict routine. I kinda go with the flow
[21:34:34] Podium Kreatin: u juicing rite now?
[21:34:41] jack: i do train 2 bodyparts a session
[21:34:44] jack: yes
[21:34:48] Titan: he started monday
[21:34:56] Podium Kreatin: hm... imo, u should not do that til you have tried maxot
[21:34:59] Podium Kreatin: (Link: www.ast-ss.com)www.ast-ss.com
[21:35:08] jack: thats ok
[21:35:29] Podium Kreatin: the problem w/ juice is thta u risk a lot of health for it
[21:35:41] Podium Kreatin: if u have not started a strict routine, u still have a lot to go
[21:35:48] Podium Kreatin: u just need to find taht routine that works
[21:36:07] jack: well its been working
[21:36:24] Podium Kreatin: well, steroids will damage your liver in a few years
[21:36:27] jack: i have bad chest and arm genetics
[21:36:34] Titan: jack
[21:36:35] jack: dude im not taking orals
[21:36:35] Podium Kreatin: i know this guy who's cholesterol went off the roof in like 4 years
[21:36:41] jack: stop talking to me about this ok
[21:36:43] Podium Kreatin: no, he injects
[21:36:44] Titan: lol
[21:36:51] Podium Kreatin: butu have to listen to us, cuzi know ppl
[21:37:03] jack: im about to bail titan your friends a goof
[21:37:10] Titan: lol
[21:37:11] Titan:
[21:37:20] jack: your 16 and you know nothing
[21:37:28] Titan: did i claim to know anything
[21:37:29] Titan: ?
[21:37:30] Podium Kreatin: im 18, and im majoring in molecular biology
[21:37:39] Podium Kreatin: i know how steroids work
[21:37:39] Titan: did i mention the dangers of gear?
[21:37:40] Titan: no
[21:37:40] Titan: no
[21:37:43] Podium Kreatin: i've read books
[21:37:44] Titan: i jsut said know your stuff
[21:37:46] Podium Kreatin: i'm not a preacher
[21:37:50] jack: ok well that doesnt have anything to do with training
[21:37:59] Podium Kreatin: actually, it somewhat does
[21:38:08] Podium Kreatin: u do hi rep routine i'm assuming?
[21:38:10] jack: titan i dont like your pal
[21:38:14] Titan: alan
[21:38:16] jack: no
[21:38:17] Titan: he doesnt care
[21:38:19] Titan: and isnt listening
[21:38:27] Titan: dont bother tellin him anymorew
[21:38:32] Titan: he already made up his mind
[21:38:35] jack: get rid of him
[21:38:47] Podium Kreatin: do u know of fake street steroids?
[21:38:57] jack: shutup up
[21:39:30] Podium Kreatin: fine, whatever, but before u make a full decision, look at teh link i gave u
[21:39:34] jack: hey titan your doing that HIT routine right
[21:39:42] Titan: mason gave me a routine
[21:39:45] Titan: is semi like hit
[21:39:49] Titan: more volume though
[21:39:55] jack: tell me whats in the HIT
[21:40:02] Titan: well
[21:40:14] *** Podium Kreatin has left the conversation.
[21:40:15] Titan: i just brought that up because you seem to be doing a very high volume routine
[21:40:25] jack: well i dont do alot of reps
[21:40:40] Titan: and you thought the arnold book was good, so i just thought that would be very different from what you were doing, so i suggested it
[21:40:56] jack: 3 different exercises per bodypart at for sets
[21:41:16] jack: thats pretty good variety
[21:41:46] Titan: you do 5 sets per excersize?
[21:42:00] Titan: all to failure?
[21:42:02] jack: see switch the exercises around each time i go in the gym even if it means the order
[21:42:07] jack: 4 sets
[21:42:12] Titan: ah
[21:42:23] jack: I do the first set to failure
[21:42:26] Titan: im not preaching or anything
[21:42:32] Titan: im just trying to see how you think
[21:42:35] jack: k
[21:42:37] Titan: so if you want me to stop at anytime tell me
[21:42:44] Titan: because i could care less if you juice
[21:42:58] jack: lets talk about gym k
[21:43:03] Titan: k
[21:43:17] jack: heres what i did today
[21:43:23] Titan: i did a routine similar to yours for awhile
[21:43:27] Titan: and didnt get much gains
[21:43:36] Titan: because i found it to be realitivly low intensity
[21:43:45] Titan: with that many sets you cant be training that hard
[21:43:48] jack: i grabbed the 35lb dbs and warmed up my chest flat bench
[21:43:54] Titan: exception w/ steroids
[21:44:00] Titan: you do dumbell press?
[21:44:03] Titan: ok good
[21:44:03] jack: yeah
[21:44:06] Titan: i was gonna ask you that
[21:44:12] Titan: show me your rep scheme
[21:44:14] Titan: for db press
[21:44:17] Titan: and weight
[21:44:25] jack: ok i did 12 35lb
[21:44:49] jack: theni grabbed 50lbs and did 10
[21:45:11] jack: then i grabbed 65lbs and did to sets of 4
[21:45:25] Titan: do you fail on 4?
[21:45:34] jack: i usually do a 12, 10, 8, 6
[21:45:38] jack: yes
[21:45:45] jack: then i went to incline
[21:45:53] Titan: wait
[21:45:59] jack: 35lbs, 45, 50
[21:46:01] jack: ok
[21:46:09] Titan: you fail on 65 for 4?
[21:46:49] Titan: thats not right
[21:46:58] Titan: if you are 180 and pretty lean you should be doing way more than that
[21:46:58] jack: i could only do 4
[21:47:11] Titan: do you do those first?
[21:47:31] jack: well i dont try to use really heavy wieght
[21:47:36] jack: i like to keep good form
[21:47:41] Titan: but you are failing on 4?
[21:47:42] Titan: correct
[21:47:43] jack: i could go higher in wieght
[21:47:47] jack: yes
[21:47:47] Titan: so you cannot get 5 out?
[21:47:51] Titan: right?
[21:47:58] jack: right
[21:48:35] Titan: then the weight is heavy
[21:49:06] jack: well ive done 75
[21:49:23] jack: just depends on the day
[21:49:30] Titan: something isnt right there
[21:49:35] Titan: your bench should be pretty constant
[21:49:36] jack: what
[21:49:41] Titan: when has your bench progressed?
[21:49:48] Titan: like how long have you been doing 65s
[21:49:51] jack: my bench doest
[21:50:00] jack: past year
[21:50:01] Titan: thats impossible
[21:50:04] jack: yeah
[21:50:06] Titan: you must not be eating enough
[21:50:08] jack: im weak
[21:50:17] jack: no dude ive tried stuffing my face
[21:50:37] Titan: what do you squat?
[21:50:42] Titan: w/ 30 inch quads
[21:50:51] jack: trust me i gained alot of weight the past year i know how to eat big
[21:51:27] jack: well i get like 2 plates on each side and a 25 plat on each side
[21:51:35] Titan: i cant believe that you are 180, gained 20 lbs of lean mass, and have 30 inch quads, and you fail on 65's for 4
[21:51:35] jack: however much that is
[21:51:39] Titan: something isnt right there
[21:51:48] jack: dude i can
[21:51:55] jack: i have great leg genetics
[21:52:03] jack: my upper body sucks
[21:52:07] jack: my buck is great
[21:52:11] jack: back
[21:52:16] jack: ive got a great lat spread
[21:52:18] Titan: what do you dead?
[21:52:42] jack: never maxed out i always go up
[21:52:47] jack: 55lbs
[21:52:48] Titan: what do you do for reps?
[21:52:49] jack: db
[21:52:55] jack: 12, 10, 8 ,6
[21:52:57] Titan: you deadlift w/ dumbels?
[21:53:00] jack: yes
[21:53:19] jack: my hams are huge
[21:53:22] Titan: your stats do not measuer up at all
[21:53:25] Titan: 30 inch quads are huge
[21:53:41] jack: let me go get my measure brb k?
[21:53:45] Titan: na
[21:53:46] Titan: dont bother
[21:54:09] Titan: your weight lifted does not match what you have told me
[21:54:25] Titan: and i can tell you without a doubt that you have not met your genetic pottential
[21:54:50] Titan: do you ahve a picture?
[21:55:17] Titan: i would like to see your amazing development
[21:55:22] jack: cant find my measure but last time i checked 30 inches
[21:55:35] jack: nope i dont take pics
[21:56:12] jack: dude it doesnt matter how much i can squat
[21:56:17] jack: my legs are big
[21:56:19] jack: ok
[21:56:23] Titan: have you seen chris masons pic?
[21:56:45] jack: ok listen up. The amount of wieght you lift has nothing to do with how big you are
[21:56:58] Titan: yes it does
[21:57:02] Titan: they are directly related
[21:57:05] jack: If you have great genetics you can get big easliy
[21:57:08] jack: no
[21:57:08] Titan: yes
[21:57:10] Titan: but listen
[21:57:13] jack: k
[21:57:15] Titan: 30 inch quads are very very very big
[21:57:29] Titan: and for someone 180 pounds to say they ahve 30 inch quads is ridiculous
[21:57:40] Titan: especially with the poundages you lift
[21:57:54] jack: if you saw me with my pants off you would understand
[21:58:09] jack: my ass is huge and so are my legs
[21:58:15] jack: but then you c my upper body lags
[21:58:26] jack: my legs grow really easily
[21:58:29] Titan: if you are 180 and have 30 inch legs
[21:58:36] Titan: your upper body must be so skinny
[21:58:38] Titan: SO SKINNG
[21:58:49] jack: i have 13 inch arms dude
[21:58:55] Titan: 13!!
[21:58:58] jack: there little
[21:58:59] jack: yes
[21:59:01] jack: im a wimp
[21:59:07] Titan: you cannot be training right
[21:59:10] jack: 14
[21:59:21] jack: i can bench 205
[21:59:36] Titan: max?
[21:59:46] jack: yep
[21:59:56] Titan: i dont see how this is correct
[22:00:04] Titan: i would have to see this to believe it
[22:00:06] jack: i know its sad
[22:00:15] Titan: and now i am certain that you shouldnt be taking gear
[22:00:16] jack: why would i lie
[22:00:23] Titan: you do not know waht you are doing
[22:00:29] jack: whatever
[22:00:34] Titan: seriously dude
[22:00:35] jack: tell me what im doing wrong
[22:00:46] Titan: post your routine on WBB tell them what you are doing
[22:00:53] Titan: they will correct you
[22:00:55] jack: no you tell me
[22:01:00] Titan: Im 16
[22:01:07] Titan: and i realize your stats are messed up
[22:01:10] jack: forget about age
[22:01:18] Titan: i have been training for like 6 months
[22:01:31] Titan: you write up your routine
[22:01:35] Titan: and give it to me
[22:01:42] jack: i told you it
[22:01:47] Titan: right now all i know is you squat 275
[22:01:56] jack: is that alot?
[22:01:59] Titan: bench 65 lb dumbells
[22:02:01] Titan: not really
[22:02:05] Titan: and have 30 inch quads
[22:02:06] jack: i think it is
[22:02:11] Titan: is that your max?
[22:02:14] Titan: 275?
[22:02:19] jack: can you hit 275
[22:02:22] Titan: i cannot
[22:02:28] jack: i could do more
[22:02:31] Titan: i can do 210 for 8
[22:02:34] Titan: with my quads
[22:02:46] Titan: which are no way in hell bigger than 24 inches
[22:03:13] jack: i just have freaky size
[22:03:18] jack: what can i say
[22:03:22] jack:
[22:03:35] Titan: dude you are telling me you have 13 inch arms
[22:03:39] jack: and im juicing the upper body
[22:03:39] Titan: that isnt freaky size
[22:03:44] jack: 14
[22:03:45] Titan: that means you are training incorretly
[22:03:48] Titan: OMG!!!!
[22:03:54] Titan: now i know for sure you dont know what your doing
[22:04:02] jack: what
[22:04:03] Titan: you cannot juice just yoru upper body
[22:04:14] jack: i train all my bodyparts
[22:04:15] jack: dude
[22:04:19] Titan: your using sust correct?
[22:04:23] jack: yes
[22:04:42] Titan: how are you "juicing your upper body|"
[22:05:03] jack: i meant im concentrating on my upper body LOL
[22:05:08] Titan: ok
[22:05:19] Titan: i reccomend posting your routine on WBB
[22:05:23] Titan: along with your stats and lifts
[22:05:29] Titan: they will tell you how to beef up uptop
[22:05:33] jack: thats too much work
[22:05:44] Titan: but taking gear w/o knowledge isnt?
[22:05:54] Titan: im certain that posting is easier and less hazardous
[22:05:57] jack: ive got it i will keep you posted
[22:06:11] Titan: ok
[22:06:16] Titan: sorry to get so involved
[22:06:20] Titan: you are just frustrating
[22:06:23] jack: how much should i be dbing flat bench?
[22:06:29] Titan: i can do 80 for 5
[22:06:45] Titan: how much yoru doing doesnt matter
[22:06:49] jack: after one warm up set
[22:06:54] jack: right
[22:06:54] Titan: but it should be comparable to the rest of your lifts
[22:07:00] Titan: 2 warmups w/ 50s
[22:07:13] jack: oh
[22:07:20] Titan: ive got my 100 lb mother spotting me also
[22:07:24] Titan: so its me thats doing the lifting
[22:07:35] Titan: ok you have heard my advice
[22:07:36] jack: you train with your mom
[22:07:39] Titan: sorta
[22:07:42] Titan: not really
[22:07:42] jack: right
[22:07:46] Titan: she spots when i need help
[22:07:52] Titan: she does the typical runners routine
[22:08:01] jack: ttyl
[22:08:02] Titan: abs everyday and stuff
[22:08:03] Titan: ok
[22:08:06] Titan: gl with yoru training
[22:08:12] jack: k
[22:08:12] Titan: hope you figure out whats wrong
[22:08:19] jack: genetics
[22:08:22] Titan: i dont think so

What do you guys think about this? You can post your comments here, since the member wont post his routine and question himself. It doesnt seem right to allow someone to waste their time, money, and health like this. I know steroids are safe when used correctly, and i have nothing against them.