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    MonStar's HST Journal

    Decided to give HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training) one last shot. I feel like my metabolism was through the f*cking roof while I was doing HST, and my strength was excellent too. I am going to be expecting some great things while on this program.

    Again guys PLEASE only positive support. Yes its my 50th journal, everyone here at WBB knows that. I know its stupid and I know its annoying and I know that you guys hate when I make a new journal etc.

    But again please I am hoping that all of my supporters will still post frequenty in my journal.. you guys know who you are. (Blood&Iron, The_Chicken_Daddy, MarshallPenn, rookiebldr, Marcel, FAngel, etc.) If I am forgetting you it's because it is 4:00 AM not because your posts are not important.

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