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    Justin Blatnik's Journal

    Hey Everyone,

    Decided to start posting my log up here since I have been frequenting the site for some time now. Best total is 750/500/600 1850 @ 220, with an Elite Total of 735/475/565 1775 @198. Going to backtrack my log a few days to the start of my new training cycle I put together with Garrett Huffman for a meet this coming March. Just some other random info is that I am a graduate student at Appalachian State University studying Exercise Science, I have done and love Carbohydrate Backloading for a month and really enjoying it, and I train with Derek Wilcox and Matt Smith (198er) here in Boone.

    I am currently still "recovering" from a low back injury I suffered in training for the XPC Semi-finals and had to sit out that meet. In doing so and having to back off training a bit, I started CBL to give me something to focus a bit more on that could help my performance and training.

    Tuesday 10/23/12 UREC Push Pull

    Decided to lift instead of judge in the campus raw push/pull. Weighed in 2 hours prior to lifting at 213.7lbs

    Hadn't paused too much and also hadn't benched with feet on ground in a while. Didn't know what to expect.
    Opener: 315lbs - good. Just to do something with feet on the ground
    2nd: 340- good. Arched a little more.
    3rd: 365 - good. All-time PR paused.

    Pulled sumo due to less stress on low back. No idea what to open with so based it off of 420 pulls last week.
    Opener: 455 - good. Just to get in.
    2nd: 505 - good. Modest Jump. Pretty much summed up win.
    3rd: 555 - good. Tough here.

    Won best overall with a 920 total and won by scwartz formula by almost 50 point (which I should have being a powerlifter).

    Wednesday 10/24/12 Lower

    up to 275 no belt
    315x2 belt on
    low back pump from hell to follow.

    Don't remember if I did much else after that on this day.

    Friday 10/26/12 Lifted at the meet site - JL Holdsworth's gym called "The Spot"

    Bench 315x4x3
    Incline DB 75sx8, 85sx8, 95sx7
    Pullups 4 sets of 8
    Quick front/lateral delt raises

    10/25 - 10/28 in Columbus for XPC Semis
    Saturday night got to eat dinner with some great lifters and gained some valuable advice from Clint Smith, Brandon Lilly, and Brian Carrol. Thanks guys!

    10/28/12 Lower at EliteFTS Compound!

    Conventional Deads
    up to 405 beltless double overhand
    miss 425 beltless double overhand
    add belt and switch grip

    Deficit Pulls (standing on 2.5" of mats)

    Reverse Hyper 4x15
    Fat Bar Lat Pulldowns 4x15

    Thanks to Matt Goodwin for helping us out and showing the hospitality to let us come in and train. So much variety of equipment...was a little awe-struck the whole time.

    10/29/12 Lower (Heavy Squat Day)

    up to 275 beltless
    add belt
    add knee wraps (Gripper wraps)
    450x2 PR
    remove wraps
    225x30 with belt

    Band Low Back Traction 2 sets, prob about 8 minutes total
    Felt Great!

    Standing Cable Abs 100x12, 120x12, 140x12
    Lat Pulldowns 150x10, 170x10, 190x10

    Leg Raises 3x12 w/ 6lb med ball
    Seated Calf Raises 3x15

    This was day 1 (Max/Heavy Squat Day) of the "modified cube method" Gert and I talked about in the car ride and are working on putting together. This should run meet into my meet prep cycle starting around January, with some gear work mixed in amongst all the raw work.

    10/30/12 Dynamic Upper Day

    Bench 205x3x10
    Close Grip Bench 225x15,12,10
    Seated DB Overhead Press 55sx12,10,10,10
    Chest Supported Rows 90x12, 100x12, 110x12, 90x10
    Dips w/ Slingshot 1 set of 50
    Pushups w/ Slingshot 1 set of 50
    DB Curls 30s for 1 set of 20

    Day 2 of the new template. Put in some good work!

    Wednesday 10/31/11 Deadlift Rep Day
    Sumo Deadlifts in power pants
    work sets
    374x15 w/ straps

    Front Squats
    155x8x3 beltless in oly shoes

    Ab Roller
    3x15 bw

    Low Back Band Traction

    Deads felt tough today. Most likely from multiple days in a row of training. Other than that, just a decent training session. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Thursday 11/1/12 Lat/Upper Back Day
    Weighted Pullups
    3x6 w/ 25lbs

    Wide Neutral Grip Pulldowns

    T-Bar Row
    up to 3 plates for 8, then stopped. Didn't like the t-bar at the gym (hard to balance), just going to stick to bent rows or CSR or make my own t-bar.

    DB Rows
    100sx10 each arm
    120sx15 each arm

    Had a water main break so had to change gyms.

    Face Pulls 3x15 w/ Light Onyx Band

    DB Shrugs 85sx20x3

    Straight-Arm Pulldowns
    worked up then did drop set

    Decent first strict upper back/lat day. Also did a DEXA bodyfat scan tonight after 1 month on Carbohydrate Backloading diet. Up 5lbs bodyweight from last DEXA and bodyfat is DOWN 1.7% from 15.4% to 13.7%!!!

    I keep my log on my blog: with some other things posted up here and there. Also check out the youtubes:
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