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Thread: Help Dispute My Grade For Personal Fitness On My Diet Analysis!

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    Help Dispute My Grade For Personal Fitness On My Diet Analysis!

    Hi everyone,
    I just got back my grade for analyzing my diet for my personal fitness class. I was given a 50% on it and the comments she left were saying that I was getting too much protein that I could be harming my body and things along those lines. The problem I have is that she had recommended diet % saying that we should get 10-15% of calories from protein, while the program that we used recommended that I get 10-35% of my calories from protein. It calculated that I had 28% of my calories from protein so according to the program and my goals of adding weight and gaining muscle, I thought this would be fine. I will post my analysis worksheet we filled out according to the program, along with her graded comments.

    Also by her saying that I am not getting enough carbohydrates to fuel exercise doesn't really make sense to me based on percentage of my calories. If I am eating over maintenance at say 3500 calories and getting 40% of my calories from carbs that is 1400 carb calories. But for someone who is losing weight and eating 2000 calories a day, they would need to get 70% of their calories from carbs to get the same total amount to fuel exercise.

    So basically, I know there are a lot smarter people here than me when it comes to this stuff. Is my professor right, or can I argue this because it actually took a lot of work and I thought I would do well on it.

    She also attached this article: recommending I read it to learn about the subject.
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