whats up WBB, im not necessarily new to the whole strength training thing, but am relatively new to deadlifting. i know there are variants in style and grip, but i just cant find that "groove" that makes the lift comfortable. the other week i was doing 6x285 as my final working set (first time back in the gym in close to 2 years) which caused a lot of tension in my lower back. the weight wasnt necessarily the problem, apparently i over-arch my lower back when bringing up the weight. to be honest, i feel as though i could easily go up another 50 for a PR pull. whats holding me back is that i know my technique needs work. took a week off of deads since my back was still tight, and hit them again today at another relatively low weight of 255. one of the guys that works at the gym came over to me and told, not suggested, told me that i needed to use a belt and/or drop weight because i was doing it wrong. i was thoroughly mind fucked at that point since i felt fine, but that just fucked my whole leg routine for the day.

enough babbling. i want to hear from you all what i should be looking for/at when im doing a normal sumo style deadlift (primary pull for my workout) as well as your standard deadlift. mind you i use an olympic grip typically in line with my shoulders (i was told to hold wider than my knees today. wtf?!?).

thanks for whatever advice, tips, or feedback you got!

aloha, B.