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Doesn't matter where AJ Roberts or Dave Hoff train. They'll be great no matter what. I do agree that Westside adds great numbers, but to say it's the program is just very short-sighted. The atmosphere and expectations play a much bigger role than the program. If the program was that great, everyone who trains as hard as AJ or Hoff would be as strong as them without the group.

I disagree with this.. like the others. The atmosphere is very important but the method definitely works, you just have to work hard to understand it.

That said, I've also seen the Westside template we use just beat the hell out of some completely newbie lifters--my wife included when she first used it. When we stepped back and gave them a solid chance to build a base, gain a few lbs of muscle,then the gains started and did not stop. Lifters using this method need to have a base level of strength or they need to be monitored very carefully to prevent beating themselves up. If I have a completely untrained beginner come to the gym (or someone with hit and miss training) I always make them do at least 1, usually 2-3 twelve week cycles of 5,3,1. Why? to build base strength, to learn exercise form, get an idea of how strong they are, and to give them a chance to get to know everyone else without getting into the way.

Once they have the base strength, I think the sky is the limit after that.