lol some dude posted this i think on elite aimed at a guy who transferred from PL to BB

There was time, before the age of the weak and cold, a time when titans walked the earth, and it shook with the weight of their footsteps, as well as their extra body hair. A time when the giants of the iron world used the terms ripped and cut only to describe their foes after battle. A time when shredded applied only to the food they had hunted down and killed. Thousands of generations of athletes have gone before you, struggling valiantly against gravity, pain, and injury, to give you the legacy of the powerlifter.

Which you have squandered.

Every curl, every fly, every leg extension, takes you further down that dark and slippery slope known as bodybuilding. Seek not to be a part of this world, for you, however desperate, can still be saved. Seek instead the world of big iron, worship at the altar of the power rack, and become anointed with the sacred chalk. No one is so far gone that he cannot step onto the platform.

This is the word of Kaz.