I am 17 years old and 185 lbs. I've been lifting for about a year now, for the first six months I lifted really hard but without much direction. I got pretty ripped but about 4 months ago I pulled a muscle. After taking a month I came back determined to do it the right way and to get really big and strong. I've been doing this routine and variations of it, basically I've been doing what really hurts the most, and what gives me the most visible results.

I found this forum and put my routine on paper and hopefully you who know more than I can give me some advice. Thanks in advance. --Aaron

p.s I dislike alot of rest and enjoy pushing myself to the limit so I try to lift as much as possible. I am also running every other day to drop fat and am taking whey protein as a supplement and am trying to eat high protein, low fat, and medium carb diet.

Day 1 - Chest
Day 2 - Legs & Back
Day 3 - Biceps & Triceps
Day 4 - Deltoids
Day 5 - Rest

* chest:

3 flat barbell press, specifically:
1 6-8x warmup (135 lbs.)
1 6-7x medium (next -20 lbs.)
1 2-3x high (previous +20 lbs.)

3 incline barbell press

3 decline barbell press

3 cable flys

* legs & back

3 barbell squat

4 incline leg press, specifically:
1 6-8 mid
1 6-8 mid
1 6 high
1 1-2 highest

2 isometric calf raise


2 barbell straight leg deadlift

3 barbell full deadlift

2 isometric lat pulldown

2 lat pulldown

3 10x + 10x superset:
10x barbell shoulder shrug
10x dumbell shoulder shrug

* biceps & triceps

1 10x warmup curl bar (-10 high)

3 6x + 6x superset:
6x curl bar (high)
6x hammer curl/curl (low)

2 overhead curl bar tricep extension

3 10x + 6x superset;
10x tricep pushdown
6x hammer curl/curl (high)

2 flat curl bar tricep extension

2 6x + 6x superset:
6x overhead tricep extension
6x preacher curl

1 machine dip, 6x highest weight

1 body weight tricep dips

* deltoids:

3 6x + 6x superset:
6x dumbell shoulder press
6x arnold shoulder press

3 barbell military press

2 behind neck press

3 10x + 10x superset:
10x front lateral raise
10x side lateral raise

2 curl-bar rows