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Thread: behind the neck presses

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    behind the neck presses

    The only overhead pressing I've done is with dumbbells and in front of the neck with a barbell. I am thinking of trying behind the neck presses, just had a couple of questions.

    First, is the weight that I use when I do them in front of the neck going to be about the same weight that I can lift behind the neck?

    Second, is the usual "doing it behind the neck is bad for you" statement still apply as complete bullshit here? I'm guessing it does.

    Third, if this makes any sense, when I do dumbbell presses, my arms are directly at my sides and I feel like I use the entire shoulder. When I do them with a barbell in front of my neck, I have to move my arms forward slightly so I don't hit myself in the head with the bar. To me it feels like this is making me use more of the front part of the delts. Is this possible or am I just imagining it? My idea is to get my arms in the same position as when I do it with dumbbells, except do it with a barbell.. which is why I'm thinking behind the neck might be good.

    Last but not least, any other special or wonderful tips or info that I should know before doing these?

    Thanks in advance.

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    2.if u have shoulder problems yes.
    3.i do the same
    4. dont go low. keep your upper arms parrelle with the floor and come back up. dont go any lower or rick of injury imo

    i love overhead press but i do mine in the front and even now i stoped all overhead presses,incline press(unless low incline) and feel better. i tried to do OH machine press and my shoulder started to hurt again so i wont do them anymore.

    this is just opinion so u should do what u think is best.


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