I have decided to start yet another journal here at WBB. This time it is different though. I have created a new username, lronMan, instead of my original MonStar. I am going to try and start over here at WBB.

I am going to force myself to stop the binges, and stick to my program and journal. I want to give HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training) and a CID (Cyclical Isocaloric Diet) a shot.

Not a bullsh!t shot. A serious run through for a good 6 months. See what I think of HST. If I go through one full cycle of HST with sh!tty results then Ill see where I stand at that point. I highly highly doubt that will happen though.

Again I hope that all of my supporters, and you guys know exactly who you are, to continue supporting me. It would be seriously appreciated. Wish me luck!