I looking for some advise / help on a temporary routine change.

I am currently doing WBB #2, which is a 3 day split of chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms. I like this routine and it seems to fit my schedule very well.

However, I have an opportunity with my current schedule for the next two weeks to change things up a bit and go for 2-3 extra days. I.E., I could do 5 or 6 days a week.

I'm also dieting very slowly so my caloric intake has been just below maintenance with a bit more on workout days. I am not prepared to bulk up for these two weeks so I would keep my calories at about the same rate and use any increase in exercise as an extra boost to working off calories.

My questions are, could changing my routine and frequency be worth while for the two weeks. If I was to changed my routine what might that routine look like. I have thought of just spreading the routine out and then upping the number of exercises per bodypart.

Generally from what I have read here, there would be concerns around overtraining and not getting enough rest. This would be for two weeks only so that may or may not be a problem. The fact that I'm not increasing calories, my mean that again, it is not worth the effort to increase the amount of the workouts.

Anyway, I'm looking for opinions and suggestions and any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.