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Thread: help - 6-8 weeks left of cutting before bulking

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    help - 6-8 weeks left of cutting before bulking

    Hi everyone,

    I know this is fairly long-winded and probably boring to read. But I've seen many ppl write about what they are doing, and I've seen so many ppl help them get on track.. so I had to give it a try...

    I'm currently finishing up a botched and pathetic attempt at cutting (that has been going on since Jan. of this year -- cuz I wanted to "take it slow" so that I didn't lose much muscle) .. Me and my lifting partner start bulking in September, and I'd like to be fairly cut before then..

    Here are my stats as of today:

    age - 23
    sex - male
    height - 5'10"
    weight - 158.5 lbs.
    bf % - +-10%
    kcals - 1900 per day
    no cheat days as of 2 weeks ago (used to allow 1 per week)

    train 4 days per week
    cardio 4 days per week (post-workout combo of jogging and walking for 30 mins)

    sat - chest/delts
    sun - back/hams/rear delts
    mon - bi's/tri's
    wed - quads/traps

    each muscle group gets approx. 3 exercises, 2 sets each, with a rep range of approx 6 or 8 -> 12, all to failure.

    I have school on tues and thurs, and my lifting partner is unavailable thurs and fri, so this split has been the most successful as of yet.

    This split, actually, has allowed us to get consistant strength gains (no size gains, but I blame that on the calorie deficit)

    I THINK I maintain at around 2400 cals per day.. that is based on multiplying 17 by 142.65 (my lean weight). When I raised my daily caloric intake to 2100 last month, my weight loss slowed to ALMOST a standstill, despite the fact that I train fairly intensely, do cardio 4 days a week and the fact that I am a roofer (fairly intense labor, especially in the summer).

    Out of my 1900 daily calories, I've been mostly going by a 15/35/50 fat/carb/protein ratio.

    When I don't work or lift, I usually change my carbs to 15% and my fat to 35% ... out of the assumption that I burn less carbs that day. I try to keep the fat intake primarily from mono and poly fats as opposed to saturated, of course.

    As I stated earlier, the training split we use now has been efficient at allowing us weekly strength increases. It is a fairly new program for us... (last year, when we tried to bulk for the first time, we ended up just getting really fat and not too muscular. I think it was due to my obsession with training volume and my partner's obsession with training like a powerlifter (low reps, heavy heavy weights) all put together, forcing us into a constant overtrained state.)

    But I do think something is not right.. I am starting to lose a lb a week again (like I was just before I raised my cals to 2100 per week) .. and I am getting leaner, or at least the skin on my stomach feels tighter... but I am starting to get comments that I am getting "too lean" .. and when I do look in the mirror, I do cringe when I flex. I am still lacking any type of deep cuts or definition. I do see abs, but only if I tighten them.

    I used to be bigger, before I started to cut, but I was really fat on top of all the muscle. I had a bad root canal problem midway during this cutting phase, so for a month, i couldn't eat.. that just about killed the muscle i gained from last year's bulking phase.. after the tooth was fixed, I just picked up the diet where I left off, which didn't allow me to gain the lost muscle back.. so that doesn't help my psyche, of course.

    So back to the purpose of this post.. I have 6 or so weeks until the end of summer, and want to try to see the muscle I do have.. I'd like to get cut, see my abs without flexing, get that seperation between my pecs and maybe even get the whole horseshoe look with my triceps... but I don't want to make a small muscle situation any worse.. cuz then that's just more work I have to do start september.

    After a year of blood, puke and sweat.. I'd hate to look like I don't even lift...

    attached is a pic of how I look as of this week...
    Attached Images Attached Images
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