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Thread: HGH and HGH Boosters - Height?

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    HGH and HGH Boosters - Height?

    I'm not really thinking of trying this, but would it be possible in the years before 18 or so to increase height beyond what it would normally be in a young man's body by taking HGH? Could the same effect be accomplished with HGH boosters like Ultra HGH?

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    I would guess yes...because thats what its supposed to do isn't it? Children who don't grow fast enough get given it. (I think)
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    I doubt that Ultra has enough hormone in it to make a difference. If it did, I would think it would have been reclassified as a drug. Yes HG (the real stuff) can boost height. It can also make the bones in your hands, feet and head grow longer to the point where it becomes a medical condition.


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