I used to run XC and Track in high school so I couldn't do a lower body workout when I went to the gym. I ran distance so doing heavy squats/deadlifts AND running 5-8 miles a day would be killer on my legs, I was injured enough from the running alone.

Now I'm in college and I don't run competitively. I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a lower body workout that I can start out with. I'd like to start off easy because I recently recovered from an injured hip flexor. So an ideal plan, in my mind, is to have 2 lift days a week. I will incorporate sprinting into my lower body workouts every week as well but I will not be doing contrast training. The sprints will be on separate days, most likely the day before a lower body workout.

I'd like to train for strength (I'm sure the size will come if I eat and lift heavy). I'm thinking the 5x5 rep scheme would work well for any squats/deadlifts that I do.

Any suggestions for the lifts that I perform on my 2 lift days? I know how to do squats, deadlifts, lunges, good mornings, etc. I just need help creating a smart routine.

Thanks for your help.