Well its time to get serious. I'm at that age where all my friends wanna do is party and eat like crap and my diet has been solid during the weekdays but for the last few weekends its been cracking a bit. I weigh 170-175lbs currently. I'll get a more accurate reading at the end of the week when this water weight goes down. I still estimate I'm at 13-14% bf so its time for me to get serious and lean up this summer. I can see 4 abs when I flex all times of the day, and very clearly in the mornings. Goal is to get a darn 6-pack, so I'm shooting for sub 8% or 9%.

I haven't done a journal in a while but I'm going to start this one for these 8 weeks to help keep my motivation up. I'm gonna have to report here almost everyday whether I'm doing well or poorly at my diet. You guys are welcome to post comments or questions whenever.

I'm going to weight train 3x / week, and do cardio 3-4x / week. I'll have 0 or 1 off day / week depending on my work schedule.

Diet wise I'm gonna be eating 6-7 meals / day with calories currently at 1900 / day on training/cardio days, 1800 calories on off days, and 2900 calories on saturdays as a refeed day (not a cheat day). Between training days and cardio days I'll be cycling the carbs.

Here is approximately what the breakdowns will look like:

Training Days
Calories = 1900
Carbs = 190g = 40%
Protein = 190g = 40%
Fats = 42g = 20%

Cardio Days
Calories = 1900
Carbs = 95g = 20%
Protein = 214g = 45%
Fats = 74g = 35%

Off Days
Calories = 1800
Carbs = 90g = 20%
Protein = 202g = 45%
Fats = 70g = 35%

Refeed Days
Calories = 2900 (BMR of ~1925x1.5)
Carbs = 399g = 55%
Protein = 239g = 33%
Fats = 39g = 12%

These breakdowns may change as I progress and continue getting leaner. I'll post when they do so.

Training wise, I'm gonna be following the WWB routine #2. I've never tried a split quite like that before, so I thought I'd give it a go.

For cardio it'll be 30min on either the treadmill, or Cross Trainer, and once a week perhaps 20min of HIIT on the treadmill. I gotta watch my knees though. I get slight discomfort in my left one if I over-use it when jogging or working the legs.
I'm also thinking of doing some swimming. I'm not the best swimmer which makes that exercise quite the aerobic activity for me. Two lengths of the pool and I'm usually huffing and puffing. So I'm considering giving it a try once a week for now. Maybe swim for 15 min, then go do some cardio for another 15. We'll have to see.

I should also mention now that I have two planned trips to wonderland this summer, so those two days will be the only cheat days I'm allowing for myself. The rest of the days will be up to par with my goals. At worst once in a while I may have a 12" chicken sub from subway (no cheese or mayo) during my refeed day but as of right now, I'm gonna keep everything clean.

I'm very optimistic of my goals and look forward to the next 8 weeks. I wish myself good luck. But I know luck has nothing to do with it.