The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Wannabebig Member
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    May 2001
    bonnie scotland
    for starters...hi site!!!
    im a gamed player and i am currently in the off season and have decided that i want to get pumped, uber strong for the next season!!! im 5,11" and weigh in at 200lbs, however my body fat is 22% (according to a website i was on) i would like to get up to about 215lbs and get my body fat down to about 15% by the end of september! what do u guys think???

    my training is as follows
    mon: squats, heel raises, shoulder press, bench press

    wed: tri's, bi's, upright rows, forearms

    fri: deadlifts, hang cleans, shoulder shrugs, bent over rows

    usually i do like 3 by 6-8 reps and then lighten the weights and do it till failure

    i do 2 or 3 cardio sessions from 30-45mins per week also.

    i am in the middle of exams right now so am waitin till i ffinish them till i hit the creatine and protien shakes so i can pump like every day! what do think of my programme and do you think that my goals are attainable? ive got some creatine monohydrate on route from usa and got myself some whhey protein to take, can u guys think of any other supplements to help get pumped and lose body fat????

    any help is welcome!!

    "a horse is a pig, that don't fly straight" : Chino

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    Jan 2001
    a better 3 day split owuld be someyhing like this:-
    mon(legs)- squats, leg press, leg curl, calf raise

    wed(back, traps, bicep) - pull up, rows, shrugs, barbell curls

    friday(pecs, shoulders, triceps) - bench press, flies , dips, miltary press , push downs

    as at the moment you spend one day doing your arms when it would give you better gains doing your core body parts over you limbs as when trianing your core you limbs also get trained as well. as if squating hard you will have run out of energy to bench press a lot.

    ignore the calculation for you body fat % use the mirror as a guide for BB as online calcualtion are not particulary accurate.

    "pump every day"- i hope you DO NOT mean you are going to weight train 7 days a week.

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Jan 2001
    Nottinghamshire, England.
    *Scratches his head*

    Gain 15lbs of solid muscle and loss 7% of body fat by October!

    Don't think that will happen, although I maybe wrong!
    Last edited by king_gregz; 05-14-2001 at 12:40 PM.

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    SCR-simply the best.
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    Apr 2001
    Manchester/Leeds, England
    You would be better focusing on one goal, drop bf or gain muscle.Decide which is most important to you and go for it.
    If I eat myself, will I get bigger, or simply disappear?

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    Wannabebig Member
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    May 2001
    Central Iowa
    [im 5,11" and weigh in at 200lbs, however my body fat is 22% (according to a website i was on) i would like to get up to about 215lbs and get my body fat down to about 15% by the end of september! what do u guys think???

    Not going to happen! set realistic goals. I would believe getting down to 15% body fat or even lower but not adding that much muscle This is coming from someone who believes you can add muscle while losing fat but not at that rate.
    You would do better to pick one or the other or come up with a new goal
    Might I suggest reducing your body fat to 15% and keep your weight at 200, another words take off fat and replace it with muscle. This I would say is reachable IF you have the right diet.
    Last edited by Charger; 05-14-2001 at 07:41 PM.
    Can't never did nothin( dedicated to my father)

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    bone crusher
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    Jan 2001
    good your motivated but the above is well said advice. It takes time and dedication.. was where you are now some time ago, diet and training is the key. One year later i see a difference... you see real results in a few months and it only further motivates you!. I thought it was pretty cool.

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    bone crusher
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    Jan 2001
    also where you say,
    "usually i do like 3 by 6-8 reps and then lighten the weights and do it till failure "
    you want to goto failure on those three sets! If your say doing squats, you want those three sets to have you begging for mercy from our almighty creator when your done...

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    Soon to be lean... Joe Black's Avatar
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    Dec 2000
    Cambridge, England
    HI, another guy form the Uk !!

    Well I think your routine looks pretty good.. I like the exercise selection...

    Train hard on each exercise for your 3 sets. Train to failure on EACH one,.... If you mjsy drop the weight a bit by your 2nd, 3 rd et train to failure and try to keep resp to 4-6 for strength gains...

    Good to see you here..

    And lowering bf is all about diet .... Post your diet in the diet forum to get some evaluation on it..

    Oh also ignore bf calculations.. How the hell could you work out bf through a calculation ? Its impossible..

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    As I Am Paul Stagg's Avatar
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    Dec 2000
    Baltimore, MD, USA
    Get your bodyfat measured using calipers.

    Interesting routine.

    Go from 22 to 15% bf and gain 15 pounds of muscle?

    At 200 pounds, You'll drop about 15 pounds to get to 15%, then add 15 of muscle??? Or are we thinking we'll actually gain 15 pounds overall (to get to 215)?

    You can certainly do the first by September if you are a young fella. I'd focus on dropping bf first.

    I'd be happy to help.

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