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Thread: Remedies for anxiety?

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    Remedies for anxiety?

    I think I have an issue with anxiety.. I sometimes get in situations where my heart starts beating like crazy and I feel like I can't get enough air. I don't think they are full on panic attacks, but definitely not normal. And it's usually situations that, really, I'm not sure why I would even be worried about anything. It's also affecting my sex life, I had the always embarrassing 'this never happens' happen last night.

    Any tips? It's compounded by the fact that when these little episodes hit, I feel embarrassed and then it makes it worse. This started probably about a year ago, out of nowhere.
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    As someone who has suffered from severe anxiety my entire life I would recommend a few tips

    - Start to learn the signs of an impending attack (this will allow you to be better prepared mentally)
    - Concentrate on your breathing
    - Water water water. Always have it around and sip it when you feel anxious.

    Feel free to PM if you have any other questions. Good luck and be safe


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    Have you ever tried meditation? In the end, you need to figure out for your self what is causing the anxiety issues, and then deal with it mentally. I know, easier said than done....

    I had some anxiety problems in college because of a particular class. Obviously I was fine after the semester was over, but while I was in the class, the only time I got better was when I focused on the issue and meditated. Usually anxiety is associate with a physical sensation/feeling. I would get a strong knot in my stomach for instance, to the point of being nauseous. After watching a couple videos online, I learned to focus on this feeling and dissolve it. You need to coax your subconscious into accepting that the stimulus causing your anxiety is not a real problem, and to not associate anxiety with that physical sensation.

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    Don't be scared to consult a doctor. Some people need medication for this to get it under control. It never hurts to get expert opinions on serious matters.

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    Don't worry about it. Not a big deal and no on is bothered by it.

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    The best cure I've found is regular, high-intensity exercise. And if it gets too bad (like after my car accident) I also stop drinking coffee.

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    Ya, especially if your sensitive to caffeine. Over all not a good idea when your having anxiety problems.

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    sometimes the fact and knowledge that you are properly prepared can releive your stress. Ensure you are as prepared as possible, and rehearse, and you will be fine. if that doesnt work, imagine yourself naked, I hear that helps as well....

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