Hows it going fellas? I havent logged in a while but I just cant stay away any longer.

Hope I dont get banned for starting my 1000th training journal.

Quick Update: I have been training raw since 1st September. I picked up a few annoying injuries mainly being my right shoulder, right biceps tendon and the MCL in my left knee. The knee being was the most severe. It was enough for a visit to the hospital and I was unable to put weight on it for a week. I eventually squatted again just under two weeks ago. Not major injuries at all but significant enough to stop me doing what I wanted to do.

Everything is well on the mend now and I am starting to handle heavier weights just before making the transition back into equipment. Mobility and recovery are priority for me now. Lots of foam rolling, stretching, hockey ball rolling, shoulder and hip mobility drills, epsom salt baths, contrast showers etc. Body weight is sitting steady at 226. and I want to be 250 so I have adjusted my diet accordingly.

My training partners and I move to a new facility week commencing 26th Nov. Looking forward to this. More space and equipment. Namely a GHR and specialty bars. hard to come by round these parts!!

Next meet is 13th April. That puts me at 21 weeks out. For the next 7 weeks or so we will be following a conjugate style template with plenty of variation on the lifts. Prob wont use more than briefs and wraps and only shirting up every other week.

Well I have drivelled on enough. I will kick things off with yesterdays bench training.

Oh and as usual, I will post as many vids as possible. Always looking for constructive crticism. Do this, try this, dont fucking do that...etc.