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    Deadlift - 11th Feb

    *foam rolling
    *hip matrix
    *shoulder mobility
    *lat pulldowns

    Conventional Deadlift

    *these felt terrible and my timing was really off. Ssooo, I deloaded. I was meant to hit 6 reps and then hit heavy doubles off blocks but I just didnt have it. The week before was brutal and I havent deloaded in about 6 weeks. Squat and bench are being deloaded this week anyway so it works in ok.

    Oly Back Squats 2x10
    Close Stance GMs 2x10
    Leg Ext 1x20

    Dangerous D then worked at my biceps and triceps for a while with a Tigers Tail. there was a lot of scar tissue on my left triceps and inside of left biceps which is obviously manifesting in my elbow. It was painful but hopefully he has loosened everything up.

    Notes: Crap session but hopefully the work on my elbow will make a difference.
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