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Thread: Getting Kettlebells?

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    Getting Kettlebells?

    From Dec-May my work has me so busy that I'm able to make it to the gym only twice a week, three times if I'm lucky...which sucks. I don't have the space for much. Apartment is small, all the rooms are full etc. I will be making every effort to make it to the gym.

    I started working with kettlebells at the gym trying to improve on form with deads and squats etc. Looking at the WBB article on Kettlebells I could see a good routine could be made up around them for the off days (I can't make to the gym).

    My goals are to lose fat, retain as much LBM as possible. I'm 290lbs, down from 320lbs, since June. Body fat has dropped from around 35 to approx 30 using body fat calipers. I need to keep at it and I know diet is key here, but I also need to keep my body moving. My work doesn't allow for much moving around so when I wake up or get home, I need to train.

    What I'm asking is, are kettlebells worth the investment or is it one of those things people buy, leave alone after a week, and they end up trashed? I'm sure this is also dependent on the person using them and I think I will use them (I have to in order to keep dropping weight). Then comes the question "What weight or weight range should I get?" Right now at the gym I'm using their 34kg (75lbs) kettlebells (2 of them) for deads and squats.

    Any advice would be helpful...any information I may have left out, I'll gladly add if asked.
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    If you want to improve your form on a given lift then practice said lift with good form. Kettlebells are just another tool. If you have plenty of money feel free to get them.

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    I would go with a set of dumbbells rather than kettlebells... the dumbbells would give you more variation.
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