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Thread: DE Squat Exercise

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    DE Squat Exercise

    On the DE Squat day should the primary exercise always be the Box Squat or some variation of? I feel like doing box squat every week lessens the benefit over time.
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    Typically you always box squat. But you can vary the accommodating resistance and even play with the box height, weight percentages and once in a while the bar type. If things are getting stale and you don't compete you can even do a strength speed cycle with higher band tension. Donnie Thompson rotates in squats into chains instead of a box for variety.

    I think a lot of people also do DE deadlifts after de squats and again you can vary the reps, the stance (sumo vs convention), do them from a deficity, add bands or chains. These are usually done for 6-10 singles or doubles with 50-80% bar weight plus accommodating resistance. Ideally you wave the deadlifts down while you wave the squats up.

    And don't forget you train you. So if you want to do a 3 week cycle of box jumps instead of box squats go crazy, just remember box squats are the staple.

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