is it a smart way to change things a lil bit regarding conjugate method ?

here : after the max effort single (floorpress,bandbench, 2board or cgb) i go to straight benchpress for 5 reps , 3 reps or few singles at 90 % paused. for practice !!
after that i go to heavy tricepswork , lats and so on . the point is using the benchpress more often as assistancework for raw benchpressing like my idea above or with 3 x 5-8 reps ...

another thing :
instead of doing speedbench OR RE bench (15+ reps) i would use 75-80 % for multible sets (3-5 x 3-5 reps) i know its heavier than defrancos idea, but on multible sets i don't go all out ..heavy weigh and not to failure . mike tuchscherer is a fan of multible sets ... this idea i would only do when i cut out the benchpress after the max effort work .

i like doing the bench every week, conjugate is great and this could be a good mix .

some thoughts ?