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    MonStar's FINAL Journal

    This is my FINAL journal here at WBB. I am going to keep this one for a long, long, time. I know that 99.9% of you guys are going to doubt me because I have said all of this before. That completely makes sense to me. I am just going to have to surprise you guys I guess.

    Its already mid-summer and I am completely flabby and soft. Its actually really sad to be honest. Its sad and disappointing rather than motivational. However, I am going to have to turn this disappointed feeling into motivation to strive for more and more.

    I need to stick this one out. I have switched back to a basic bodybuilding program. Something that I have not done in a while now. I have been searching for some kind of magic program that will allow me to drop a massive amount of bodyfat while packing on muscle size.

    Every one of us here at WBB would be on that program if such a program existed. Unfortunately such a program does not exist. While it is a shame because I feel like I have spent a long time looking for it, I realize now that I was just wasting my time. That entire time I should have been on a conventional bodybuilding split and program.

    I have also decided to make my refeeds more infrequent. This way hopefully Ill drop fat at a little bit of a quicker rate. I am going to be refeeding every 3rd day, postworkout, for around 4-6 hours. Once I reach the ideal bodyfat % that I want, I may switch back to every other day.

    Right now as many of you can see in the before picture that I posted on July 5, 2002, I am completely soft and flabby. I havnt been this soft for a long time to be honest. So that alone is inspiration in itself. I hope to lean out within the next month or two. Doesnt really make sense to lean out for the Fall but since summer is going to be over in the next two months I really dont have a choice.

    Again as always I ask my supporters to please continue posting with your comments, suggestions, etc. Theyre greatly appreciated. Also anyone who reads my journal at all to please post with your comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions.

    Current Stats / Lifts.
    • Weight: 205-210 lbs. (soft and flabby)

      Flat Barbell Presses: 255 x 4
      Flat Dumbbell Flyes: 70 x 4
      Dips: +90 x 4
      Wide-grip Underhand Chins: +50 x 4
      One-arm Dumbbell Rows: 90 x 4
      Supported Underhand Rows: 190 x 4
      Barbell Squats: 365 x 4
      Good Mornings: 225 x 4
      Lying Cambered-bar Extensions: 135 x 4
      Standing Barbell Curls: 95 x 4
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