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Thread: Relentless Detroit Meet Write up (with video)

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    Relentless Detroit Meet Write up (with video)

    I do not have a lot of experience in this sport and I still consider myself a rookie in a lot of ways. This is my fourth meet in the two years I have been competitive, and I have learned a tremendous amount at each one. This meet was definitely the most special and by far the best I have ever done. This meet was ran for a little boy in the metro Detroit area named Austin who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. His family has understandably been having a tough time, and they just so happen to be members of the same church as one of our guys at Detroit Barbell. When he heard of the family's circumstance, he kicked around the idea of a fundraiser meet, and within a few weeks, it blew up and people from all over the country started getting involved. The church agreed to let us use it as our venue and it was an excellent set up. The stage, lighting/audio, warm up room and everything in between was superb.

    I felt good all week that I was resting going into the meet. I did everything I normally do and when Friday came around, I weighed in at 291lbs. I helped set up the meet for a few hours unloading plates and bars and setting up the warm up room, then I came home to eat a ton and rest up. The morning from 9-11 consisted of bench only guys and I got to witness Rob Luyando bench 950 and it was awesome. With all the emotion surrounding the meet, when he locked that weight out the place erupted. Once I watched a few of my guys bench, I went to the warm up room and started warming up. Warm ups felt light, easy and fast. I felt ready to go.
    Opener 605lbs - absolutely destroyed it but got called on depth. I had half the people in the audience tell me it was good and the other half tell me I was a half an inch high. There was nothing I could do about it except leave no doubt. I knew right away since the judging was strict and I would have to bury them, that the 675 I came for would be a bit out of reach. My original second was 650 but I split it in half with 630 just to be safe and sink it.
    2nd Attempt 630 - not nearly as easy as it should have been or wanted it to be, but I got it and thats what the meet
    3rd attempt 650 - my original second but most I have squatted in the gym was 645 and the most in a meet is regardless, it'd be a PR across the board. This squat took 15 seconds it seemed like to lock out...boy it was slow and took a ton out of me, but I got it...3 whites.

    They had food catered for all lifters/handlers for free and it was pretty awesome so I got a plate and relaxed for a bit. Full power started at 11 and there was over 60 lifters so I knew it'd be a long day

    Stared warming up on bench and it was the best my benches had ever felt. The first three meets I have done, the bench has always been the thorn in my side. By the way warm ups felt, I knew I'd get redemption. My goal for the day was 455. I wanted it on my second so I could just have fun with my third.
    425 opener - too easy...flew
    455 second - fairly easy...way easier then the 450 I did 8 days prior
    465 third - this was alllllll technical and mental. My back got loose and I pushed on it instead of wedging into the bench and my shoulder blades rounded out. I had the strength for it, but it wasn't meant to be today. I still got what I came for though

    I got to the meet about 10 and started warming up for deadlifts about 530-6ish...I was fried at this point (but thats the name of the game). This is my lift so I wasn't worried. Warm ups felt smooth and strong.
    660 opener - not as fast as I wanted it to be but smooth good lift. I originally wanted 710lbs as my second because I pulled 705 last meet and I wanted to chip my PR. After talking with my training partners, they said if I wanted an 1800 total or more, to go 695lbs to solidify it and go for 710-720 on my third for the extra change. It sounded like a solid plan so I went with it.
    695 second - no lift it was almost easier then my opener but I lost balance at lockout and the bar came down a half inch and then back up so I got called for it.
    This was where my lack of experience came into play. I knew after that if I had went 710-715 on my second I would have gotten it...but since I was so close to that with 695 I didn't know what I had left in me. I had to make a choice...get my 1800 total or gamble and get the 710 I came for. I decided the total was more important then a single lift, even if it was my lift, and went with 695 for my third again.
    695 third - good lift slow on the lockout but I feel like I had a little more in me...710 would have been iffy so I made the right call

    650/455/695 raw no knee wraps

    All in all not exactly what I wanted but sometimes you have to adapt and overcome. I still hit a PR squat, PR Bench and a PR total. I won best overall raw lifter which was cool because it was my first time for best overall anything lol. I am going to do my first meet raw with knee wraps next year around April timeframe where I am looking to go 1925-1975. I totaled 1400 raw 25 months ago in my very first 400lbs in 2 years is progress. I love this sport and I work my ass off. I am blessed to have awesome training partners as well as awesome people to help me out like Justin Randal and some others. Within the next few years I plan to be right up there with the best competing with them.

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    Best Raw Lifts:
    Squat: 650bs without knee wraps
    Bench: 455 in a contest
    Deadlift: 705
    Total 655/455/695 - 1800
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