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Thread: max effort and carry over...

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    max effort and carry over...

    so , its importand to pick the right exercises for ME bench , the trick is to figure out which one is better than other lifts for making my raw bench stronger . make sense !

    but how (often) do you check it on the full rom bench that floorpress is good and 3boardpress is not for example ?

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    well i rotate weekly between full and partial ROM on ME. it the supplemental stuff that i find more important to keep an eye on. i would test my bench roughly every 8-10 weeks, depending how strong i feel around that time.
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    okay, my question here is , if you test your bench after 8-10 weeks , so you worked 7 me movements (for example ) so how do you know which one is helping and which not .

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    Quote Originally Posted by xolix View Post
    okay, my question here is , if you test your bench after 8-10 weeks , so you worked 7 me movements (for example ) so how do you know which one is helping and which not .
    The key is knowing what your weaknesses are in the main lifts (squat, bench, dead) and then selecting ME exercises to address these weaknesses. Someone more experienced with west side can tell you more, but you should not be randomly picking ME exercises.
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    Keep in mind you build you weaknesses in two ways--through max effort lifts and assistance work.

    Max Effort is used to build maximal strength, get practice grinding heavy weights. This can be very taxing, hence the need to switch lifts often.

    In an 8 week cycle, you can do 8 different max effort exercises, but I think you'd have a better sense of what builds you core lift by sticking with a core of 3-4 exercises that you rotate in and then once in a while do a lift you've never touched. If after a few cycles you 3-4 lifts are stuck, sub in new ones. Also by doing onl 3-4 various ME exercise you'll have a better sense of how they correlate with your lift. I know if my close grip bench goes up, my regular grip bench will go up. On the other hand my floor press has gone up but my bench has stayed the same (possibly because I was learning how to floor press).

    So for my bench if I'm weak off the chest, I might do the following 4 week cycle:
    Week 1: CG Bench
    Week 2: 1 Board Pause Bench
    Week 3: Either bench starting on the chest or heavy reverse band bench
    Week 4: Wild card--press, floor press etc.

    Once a lift stalls after 2 cycles, sub in something else or think about what is going on with your assistance work. Also after 3-4 cycles, if you don't compete test your bench.

    Now keep in mind, some lifts will give you a lot and others will build slowly. Also, sometimes a lift might stall for a while, you pull it out of the rotation and when other lifts stall you can go back to it.

    For assistance work, the lower your level of training, the less specific it needs be. So you might not need to worry too much about the exact exercise picked as long as you are hitting the right muscle groups and that you are either upping the weight or increasing the reps. Once you stall in an assistance exercise, switch to something else. Then down the road you can come back to it.

    Maybe to strengthen my upperback I'm doing chest supported rows and stall at 3 sets of 150 for 8 reps. So then I go to heavy db rows and after weeks, I stall at 3 sets of 100 for 10s. Then maybe I hit cable rows, once that stalls, I'll go back to chest supported rows, maybe starting around 140-145 and then get past the 150 I was stuck on.

    As you gather more experience, you'll have an understanding of how lifts help you. In addition, you'll have to choose exercises that address your weaknesses better. Not all your exercises, but some of them. So if you are weak in your bench lockout you want to find the extension exercise that helps you the most. If you are having trouble starting your deadlift, think about deficit deadlifts.

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    One thing is to find 1-2 variation movements that are you markers for an increased full ROM bench press. So, for example, you may find that when your floor press goes up by 20 lbs then so does your full ROM bench press. This can preclude the need to test your full ROM press with any frequency.

    Beyond that, and not to make it too complicated, if after a couple of 4 week rotations of 4 exercises you test your bench press and it has gone up then you know that combination of 4 exercises works for you (assuming you keep your accessory work consistent during that period).

    Pick exercises which work your particular weakness. For myself that is the very last portion of the press. The last 1-2" of at lockout. So, I choose exercises that focus on that.
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    It can just take a lot ov time, focus, and accurate log-keeping. You test your maxes, which allows you to also determine weaknesses, which you then address with the best exercises for YOU. Keep in mind there are several good exercises for each weakness, and some work better than others, and some just work better for some people than others. If you have say, lockout issues on bench... board-presses, floor presses, bands, chains, even reverse band work, others like close-grip bench, others address it purely with additional tricep work. Personally... i dont like a lot ov these exercises, and a couple ov them i think are pretty much completely retarded, but the point is, i have my 1-3 go-to exercises for working that top-end if i need to. Over the years i've just found they work better for ME. I tend to give things even longer than Chris suggests before i discard or herald an exercise... but my patience is legendary and my programs tend to be pretty damn long.

    Its just another way in which this whole thing is a journey...
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