i have competed twice this year, my lifts (Raw) have gone up quite alot, but something is bugging me, my squat has increased more than my deadlift...my first ever meet was back in march, i sumo pulled 205k/450lb and squatted 160k/350lb. my last meet 3weeks ago i sumo pulled 225k/495lb and squatted 192.5k/425lb and i definitely had a 200k/440lb squat in me that day.
i use the same stance for my squat and deadlift. im always slow of the floor despite using speed pulls. i can credit my squat numbers to box squatting and GMs for sure. i feel i made the stupid assumption that squatting will take care of my deadlift, although my deadlift has increased, im left feeling it could be much better had i focused on it more.

is this common or does it even matter?! any helpful advice appreciated!!