Moved from strongman to raw powerlifting. It is taking some big changes as in strongman I was focused on OHP, and mostly side handle deadlifting and not much I'm BB deadlifting and bench pressing and actually squatting. ha

It has definitely taken some getting used to but I'm enjoying it. Weighing in about 225 so I fit into the 105kg class in the IPF (which is what I'll be lifting in because no other federation holds meets around here).

Best finish was 6th in Western Canada in strongman...twice. Have dropped some body weight since then and my body feels better but have lost a bit of strength as well. Comes with the territory I guess.

Was planning on competing last weekend but a blizzard cruised through the province and I didn't brave the crappy roads. Next comp appears to be on Dec.29th...about 5 weeks of training left....just looking not to embarrass myself