This is my upper body day:

45* incline bench press: 4(sets)x2

Bent over rows(Pendlay rows)4x2

Close grip bench press: 4x2

Standard flat bench isn't present yet. I'm gonna add it back in in maybe 2 weeks depending on my progress. I think I'll replace close grip with flat.

Incline bench can still be increased by 5lbs from session to session, so I'm trying to get as much out of it as possible, as it's been the best assistance for my bench press so far.

Pendlay rows are nice, and I feel like I need to work them whenever I bench as it is quite abite behind my bench. I can get maybe 200lbs for 3-4 reps max, whereas my bench press is around 250lbs(not sure on numbers, I work in KG) for a max.

Close grips were weak about a month ago, mainly because I never tried them. I had like 182lbs back on my chest after 3 reps. I worked hard on it though and have worked up to 220lbs x3(the fast increase was not so much due to strength, but simply getting used to the movement)

So yeah that's my upper body day right now. What do you guys think? I feel it's working for me so far and it's the first time that I've done more than one press in a single workout(apart from maxing out). It feels like a positive change. I'm also starting back at 3 mins rest on everything. 5mins is too long for the weight I'm pushing at the moment.

Heres an extra question I thought I'd ask too. Do you guys think I should make use of whey protein? I don't use supplements at the moment because I have no money, but I feel that the whey could give me a little edge. Would you recommend it?(been training seriously for 32 weeks. No supplements in that time period, but have used whey duri g boxing 2-3 years ago)