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Thread: Main Horizontal Pressing - HCT12

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    Main Horizontal Pressing - HCT12

    Just a weird thing I noticed the other day. I've been doing the HCT-12 workout for about 5 weeks now, just completed my first deload cycle. This was my first week of starting over, and last night was my day 2 with benching.

    I stretched and warmed up as usual but as I was walking to the bench I thought maybe I'd give decline a go for the next 4 weeks instead of regular bench again. My last set for decline was 235x6 with clusters after. I don't know why but I get such a better pump and workout just doing decline over flat and I push a lot more weight and the movement just feels for comfortable as a whole.

    My question is, will doing decline over regular bench hurt me in the long run as far as muscle development? I don't think I'll do flat bench for a while. Working the chest is working the chest, plain and simple I'd assume. I'm sure I'm just over thinking the whole thing, but was just curious on why I get such a better workout/results doing decline over flat bench.

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    I think the reason you got more of a pump was it was a new exercise. Your body wasn't used to it. But incline, flat, or decline all works the same. The pectoral muscle is one group.
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