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Thread: Need help with diet ratios, etc.

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    Need help with diet ratios, etc.

    Me: 191 lbs, 16-18% BF (started @ 188 and 24% in the beginning of February).

    Goal: Add lean muscle mass, shed a bit more bodyfat. Long term. I'm not looking for quick results.

    Training cycle: 2 days WT, 1 day cardio, day off.

    Basic questions are:

    How many calories should I eat? What ratios between protein, carbs and fats?
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    Pic one - add mass or lose fat.

    I'd start out close to 40/30/30.

    Calories will depend on goals... 15x bw should be close to maintenance
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I concur . . . Calories p/day will vary by person. Take whatever you currently consume p/day (1 week average) and slowly add 500 calories.

    Obtain these calories from healthy sources: Complex Carbs. (occur in nature) Healthy Fats (unsaturated) & Protein (fish, chicken, beef, dairy)

    A bit of trial-n-error is what it takes to find specifically what will work for you.

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    Start iso-caloric and work your ratio's from there. Find what your body likes and do it.
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    Isocaloric is a great place to start. But...if you are looking to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, I'd rethink my position.

    Weigh the pros and cons of losing fat vs gaining muscle independently, based on how you want to look/feel.

    Personally, I chose to lose the fat first, then begin a bulk. To me, it was nicer because I find it easier to see if I am gaining fat too quickly on a bulk + I will not get hella fat during a lengthy bulk. I also feel a lot better about myself when I am at a low bodyfat, even if it means I am still small [read: weak]

    Others choose to gain a bunch of size then cut down leaving more muscle than when you started. This is good because you can ususally lift more at a higher bodyweight and 10%+ is said to be better for gaining muscle than <10% (from Lyle McDonald).

    At 18% BF I'd cut down to at least 12% then bulk again. I'd do a really slow bulk if you want your gains to be primarily lean.

    You are in a great place because you don't seem impatient. Impatience can get you fat really easily or it could lead to losing all of your hard earned muscle!

    Good luck!


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