Here are some of the things I teach at my bench clinics. Use these tips to bring your bench to the next level. They are in no particular order.

1. Perform drop down sets. After your top set of bench or Max Effort exercise, take somewhere from 10-15% off the bar and complete that for a triple.

2. Make sure to tuck your elbows. Don't scissor press the weight. Turn your elbows in to engage your lats.

3. Overhead press. OHP is a great overall builder. Plus it will work your lockout without punishing your pecs.

4. Use mostly barbells and specialty bars when training. Big bars like Texas bars, fat bars, and swiss bars create a big body. You will use more muscles with them than you will with machines, dumbells, and pulleys.

5. Hold your breath. Fill your belly with air before you take the weight and don't let it out until the weight is locked out.

6. Train your extensors. Use big movements like tricep extensions and JM presse. Save the pushdowns for deloads and extra workouts.

7. Train your back like a reverse bench. Keep your shoulders retracted when performing rows.

8. Get tighter. Dig your traps hard into the bench, push up a big arch, squeeze your glutes and keep your hips high so that you meet the bar at its highest point.

9. White knuckle the bar. Don't just hold it in your hands. Squeeze the bar as hard as possible, you will activate more muscles this way.

10. Work harder! Get extra sets and reps in. Don't just stop because you hit a number on a piece of paper. When you feel good take advantage of it and push your session to the next level.