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Thread: Pain In Forearm, During Cam..curl

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    Pain In Forearm, During Cam..curl

    As of the last 2 months, On my Bicep day. When I do standing Cambered Bar curls. I have had Pain on the left side of my forearm. It is bifar excrutiating pain, but it is annoying pain, I Strech my forearms before every training day except for my leg days. The pain usually stays with me for a day or so. It is only my left forearm. I am not doing them incorrectly. My form is strict, and I am handling weight's that I can do a good 12 reps with for 3 sets. But the pain still hits. Has anyone expirienced this pain as well??? Or does anyone know what could be attributing to this uncomfortable pain? Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. THANKS.
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    I have had that same problem. I found that I was gripping the bar to tight, I now hold the bar a tad looser. U can also use ice after your workout. I rub mineral ice on my arms, shoulders and forearms before my workout, that seems to help too.


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    I am just getting over the EXACT same thing as you. Same arm too. It got so bad that when I tried to curl anything with my left arm I could feel the pain in my forearm. I basically stopped working arms, particularly anything resembling a curling motion, for about 2-3 weeks. The pain is now gone and I can go back to the gym and work arms. I replaced the arm exercises with more chest/back work and was probably overtraining those parts a little, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


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